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TOP 10 Châteaus to visit in Moravia and Silesia

Every château-loving tourist should go to Moravia. Especially the warm areas with their lash vineyards have always attracted the nobility to move from their cold castles to the more comfortable châteaus. So here is a list of TOP 10 châteaus to visit in Moravia and Silesia.

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1. Lednice

Most famous in Moravia


Region: South Moravia

Without any doubt the most famous of all the châteaus in Moravia, Lednice is part of the Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape (Lednicko-valtický areál) which is one of the UNESCO Sites. The whole area is the destination of many tourists as well as bikers and the château park features sights such as the Lednice Minaret.

2. Valtice

Gem of the wine region


Region: South Moravia

Also a part of the Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape, this château features expositions of marionette theatres and offers guided tours to the baroque theatre and other parts of the building. The château is surrounded by a large park with a herb garden.

3. Slavkov

The Battle of the Three Emperors


Region: South Moravia

You might know this château by its German name Austerlitz. The 1805 Battle of Austerlitz was regarded as the greatest victory of Napoleon during the Napoleonic Wars. France and Austria closed their piece agreement in the Round Hall of this château which features an extensive visual exposition on the battle. You can watch the battle reenactment every year on the fields behind the city.

4. Vranov nad Dyjí

Full of flowers


Region: South Moravia

As you can tell by its location, this château was formerly be a castle.  It is open to the public and it offers guided tours in the authentic interiors. Arranged flower bouquets as well as planters with growing plants used to be an inseparable part of all the chambers and this tradition has been maintained until the present times.

5. Jaroměřice nad Rokytnou

The musical one


Region: Vysočina

The past of this château has always been connected with music, especially the production of opera in Italian, German and Czech. Nowadays the Jaroměřice château hosts cultural events such as the International Festival of Music dedicated to Petr Dvorský. Recently the château opened a motorbike exposition and an exposition focused on forest hunting.

6. Telč

World Heritage Site


Region: Vysočina

The château is the dominant of the historical center of Telč which has been on the List of World Heritage Sites since 1992. Part of the interiors is authentic as is the whole exterior that includes a large park with English garden and an orangery. Three famous Czech fairy-tale movies were filmed here – The Proud Princess (Pyšná princezna, 1952), How to Wake a Princess (Jak se budí princezny, 1977) and Helluva Good Luck (Z pekla štěstí, 1999).

7. Mikulov

Annual wine festival


Region: South Moravia

This Baroque château is near the center of Mikulov. The interiors belong to the regional museum and feature expositions and the exterior hosts events like the annual wine festival Pálavské vinobraní. In 2007, after a heavy rain, a cave under the château was uncovered.

8. Hradec nad Moravicí

Mixture of styles

Lehotsky / CC BY-SA (

Region: Moravian-Silesian

This Silesian château complex includes not only the so called White château but also the 19th century Neogothic red château with its characteristic entrance gate. One of the tours will lead you to the cellar with an exposition of mythological creatures.

9. Buchlovice

Baroque manor


Region: Zlín

The château of Buchlovice near the city of Uherské Hradiště is one of the most important Baroque manors in Czechia. When the nobility started abandoning castles and moving into the more comfortable châteaus, the noblemen from Buchlov built their manor in Buchlovice. One of the many prides of this place is the magnificent baroque garden and English park.

10. Lešná

Château in the ZOO

Autor: Herbert Frank from Wien (Vienna), AT – Schloss Lešná im Zoo von Zlín, CC BY 2.0,

Region: Zlín

This château is quite young, it was built around the year 1810 and it is situated in the area of the ZOO of the city of Zlín. The noble family who owned the château enjoyed all the advantages of the modern era like electricity or hot water.

So how about the châteaus of Moravia and Silesia, have you been to any?


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