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5 Reasons to Visit Brno

Here are 5 reasons to visit Brno, the second largest city of Czechia.


brnoBrno’s history projects into its architecture and legends. You will hear the cathedral bells ring noon at 11 am to remember how the city’s occupation by the Swedish army ended and you will know why there’s a dragon hanging in the Old City Hall portal. One can follow the steps of important figures of history and music like Leoš Janáček or of the local jewish community. Or visit a war bunker and the undergroung tunnels with an ossuary. You can visit the city’s magnificent cathedral and the castle that used to serve as a prison.

Almost every building in the center has an interesting story to it, sometimes it’s just enough to look at the facades to find out about it. The city is full of churches, historical fountains and let’s not forget more recent history and its architecture like the Vila Tugendhat which is a UNESCO historical site. There are also several interesting museums.

Food and Cafés


We can say without exaggeration that Brno is packed with excellent and original cafés. There are typical Czech cafés as well as international ones inspired by foreign cultures, cafés with special menus like vegan and many of these establishments offer not only many types of coffee but also a great variety of desserts.

There are some excellent restaurants. Some offering typical Czech dished, other international (Bulgarian, Russian, Italian, Greek and many other).

Many of these places are children-friendly offering space for children with toys.



Science is the reason many national as well as international students decide to study at the universities of Brno and why the city is the destination of scientist from Czechia and abroad to do their investigation. The rich science scene is however also why the locals and the tourists can enjoy many possibilities to spend their free time educating themselves. There’s the observatory with its inflatable moon and Earth models, the Museum of Technology, the interactive VIDA! science center and many more. Brno is definitely the science center of the country. After all, it’s where the famous father of genetics Johann Gregor Mendel lived and worked.




Brno hosts many different cultural events every year. There are the famous city celebrations called Brno Days, annual summer theatre festival, folkloric markets and movie festivals. The castle features art exhibitions, there’s a summer music festival, folkloric days, wine and beer fairs…

Let’s not forget the theatres and their rich variety of plays for adults as well as children, the classical music concerts as well as the alternative music scene.





Brno is a very green city with lots of parks and forests right in the city. At the city borders there are some beautiful sceneries like the water reservoire, several animal reserves, the Brno zoo, the llama center and so much more.

You can go to the beach in summer and find great places to skate and sledge in winter. There are natural bathing possibilities, running paths in the nature and even farms where you can pick fruits by yourself.

There’s also beautiful nature around the city, you just need to take a bus that will take you directly there.


And here’s one extra reason to visit Brno. Although tourists do come to Brno, the city is never overcrowded like Prague. The nightlife might be a little more lively during the schoolyear when all the students are in town, however, there’s lots to do in summer as well, the clubs, restaurants and bars are open just the same.

Now you know why you should visit Brno. If it’s your first time, you should check our Brno Essentials.

Have you brought your kids? Here’s a list of places to go with children in Brno!

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