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Best Beerhouses in Prague

Czech Republic is undoubtfully the country of beer. The average beer consumption is estimated at 150 liters a year per capita. There are not just many excellent beer breweries but also beerhouses which – as you can tell – are pubs focused on serving beer. So this time we will take you on a little different Prague sightseeing tour. Let’s have a look at the best beerhouses in Prague.

beerhouses prague

Prague tourism is inevitably connected with gastronomy. In 2018 the estimate of beer consumption in the Czech Republic was even at 191 liters per capita placing the country at the very top of the world’s list. Beer is one of the typical Czech beverages and one on the menu in probably every pub in the country. And where else to start the search for excellent beerhouses than in the capital?

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Map of Beerhouses in Prague

We´ve prepared a route that will take you around 15 beerhouses in Prague, you can zoom in on all of the places:

Best Beerhouses in Prague


We start our route in Holešovice, the northmost part of our trip.

Klášterní pivnice

It is the ideal place to start because you get here the idea of the general vibe of the cheap beer pubs (in the best sense of the word cheap). Attended mostly by locals and serving delicious “smaller” brands like Klášter or Chotěboř, this beerhouse is a must for everyone who wants to experience the real thing.

Old Town

We continue south to Prague’s Old Town. Besides consuming delicious beer you can admire the splendors of the historical architecture.

U Pivrnce

A little hungry? You’re in the right place. Here you can have different types of Staropramen accompanied by the Czech snacks served typically with beer – utopence, nakládaný hermelín or tatarák.

U zlatého tygra

Traditional Pilsner beerhouse. If you’re a fan of Bohumil Hrabal the name of this pub might seem familiar. The writer was a regular here and mentioned the place in his work. Other famous guests include Václav Havel, Bill Clinton or Jan Vodňanský.

Hostinec U rotundy

Another traditional pub-restaurant where you can absorb the historical atmosphere as well as the beer and if you’re hungry, you can choose one of the many Czech classics.

beerhouses prague

New Town

Prague’s New Town features sights like the Wenceslas Square, the National Theatre or the Dancing House…and some excellent beer houses!

Jelínkova Plzeňská Pivnice

Just a few meter’s from the National Theatre is the Jelinek Pilsner Beerhouse. This beerhouse has been here since the early 1900 and it’s been serving Pilsner since 1926. Its unique atmosphere will make you feel like the time has stopped hundred years ago.

Branická Formanka

As the name suggests, the star of this place is the Braník beer brand. It is an authentic pub for the locals so don’t expect is to look like a tourist attraction. What you get here is the real Czech experience.

Pivní přístav

If you fancy family beer pubs with friendly service you have to come to Pivní přístav or the “Beer Harbour” overlooking the river Vltava. They serve 9 tapped beers and various local as well as foreign bottled brands.


Pivnice U Olmerů

Let’s continue up, up and away to Vyšehradand it’s beerhouse U Olmerů. The pub has been under the historical fort of Vyšehrad since 1885 and when it comes to beer, it’s one of the cheaper but really nice places.


U Rumlíka

Nice small pub with smaller beer brands on the tap and every day an ale special. Experience an authentic village pub with friendly service close to the center of Prague.

Sousedský Pivovar Bašta

Nusle is the quarter right next to Vyšehrad and we mustn’s skip the “Bašta’s Neghborhood Beerhouse” with it’s beer specialities like Malinový kyseláč or Černý loskuták.


We head north, but not too far. Just to the neighboring quarter of Vršovice (and actually almost in Vinohrady) where we’ll stay for a while because we have two beerhouses to talk about.

U Starejch hadrů

Once again we have to warn you. This is not a place for fancy ladies but rather an authentic place with good beer, table football and not much more. However, it is hugely popular amongst the locals and if you’re looking for a solid place to get drunk on good beer, you have arrived at your destination.

Pivnice Pivovaru Trilobit

The Trilobit beer brewery pub is a place to go to taste small local brands which you won’t get anywhere else. Although the Trilobit brewery was open only recently (in 2017), there has been a brewery here since 1869.


Vinohradský pivovar

The Vinohrady Beer Brewery is the only one of the beerhouses with its own beer production in this quarter of Prague. Founded in 1893 this places offers 8 beers from Czech as well as foreign hop.

Dno pytle

Dno pytle or “The Bag End” offers the best from Czech and small Bavarian beer breweries served from eight rotatory taps.


Pardubická pivnice u Járy

Not only good food but also – of course – beer from the Pardubice beer brewery (Pernštejn, Porter and more), that is what you get in this pleasant place in Prague’s quarter of Žižkov.

beerhouses prague

So how about some beer tourism in Prague? However, beer is not the only typical Czech beverage, read this article to discover the others!

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