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Naughty Brno

We’ve already told you why you should definitely visit Brno, we showed you the must-visits and we showed you the stylish side of this south Moravian city. Let’s see the naughty side of Brno now.

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Rare Czech Musical Instruments

If you read our blog regularly, you know that “every Czech is a musician“. The musical literacy in Czech Republic is impressive and it is very common to play at least one musical instruments. And not just piano or guitar, there are some very rare and unusual Czech musical instruments that you’ve probably never heard …

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Best Beerhouses in Prague

Czech Republic is undoubtfully the country of beer. The average beer consumption is estimated at 150 liters a year per capita. There are not just many excellent beer breweries but also beerhouses which – as you can tell – are pubs focused on serving beer. Let’s have a look at the best ones in Prague.