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Famous Czech Brands and Products

Czech Republic is the home of famous brands and products that we’re sure you know.


Budějovický Budvar or Budweiser was founded in České Budějovice in 1896. The intensive export of this brand helped the company survive World War II.


Pilsner is the most exported Czech beer, you can find it in almost 50 countries. The original name is Plzeňský Prazdroj and the brand was founded in Plzeň (Pilsen) in 1842.


Škoda cars are the most common brand of cars in Czechia. Although it now belongs to the Volkswagen group this automotive brand is originally Czech and was founded in mid 19th century.


This off-road truck brand was founded in 1850 in the town of Kopřivnice. The vehicles are exported all over the world and they are valued for their ability to pass through difficult terrain.


Baťa footwear was founded in 1894 in the city of Zlín by a Czech enterpreneur Tomáš Baťa. At the present the company operates in more than 70 countries with some 30.000 employees.


The Avast antivirus software also comes from Czechia. It was founded in Czechoslovakia as Alwil in 1988 by Pavel Baudiš and Eduard Kučera.


Petrof, a piano manufacturer was established in 1864 in Hradec Králové by Antonín Petrof. The Petrof pianos gained popularity in the whole world for their exceptional quality.


This fashion e-shop was founded in 2007 and made it to Deloitte’s top 50 fastest-growing companies. However, it’s highly in debt at the present and it’s undergoing restructuing sinde 2018.

Military radars

Did you know that the Czech radars are used by the US military? The two companies producing them are called ERA and Eldis and they are based in the city of Pardubice. The two most famous models of radars are called VERA-E and TAMARA.

Glass and crystal

Glass production has a long tradition in the Czech Republic. The center of glassmaking is in Jablonec nad Nisou. Czechia is famous for producing high quality drinking glasses, chandeliers, Christmas ornaments and glass beads.


Czech porcelain is just as famous as Czech glass. The most popular is the so-called cibulák which is a white-blue porcelain with onion pattern. The center of another famous type of porcelain (pink porcelain) production is in Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad).

Garnet jewelry

Bohemian garnet is famous for its unique fiery red color. Currently the Bohemian garnet jewelry is made in the town of Turnov and you can find it in shops all over the world. When you buy the jewelry, be sure to get the certificate that should come with every piece of authentic Bohemian garnet jewelry.

Did you know all of these brands? Which other Czech brands are you familiar with?

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