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Frequently Asked Questions – Czechia FAQ

If you’re planning a trip to Czechia, you might be interested in our FAQ.

What is the language in Czechia?

The official language of the Czech Republic is Czech.

Do the Czech speak foreign languages?

Yes. Different foreign languages prevail in different generations. People who grew up during the WW II usually at least understand German. Those who went to school during the era of communism had to learn Russian. And the youngest generation has more options in schools nowadays, the languages most chosen by today’s students are English, French, German, Spanish and increasingly also Russian. Speaking the “western” languages is not an exclusive of the young Czechs, many people in their 40ies, 50ies and even 60ies speak the aforementioned languages. Still, you might find those who speak only Czech, unfortunately also among doctors or policemen.

What is the currency in Czechia?

The currency is Česká koruna (Czech Crown, CZK).

What is the area of the country?

78 870 km2

Is Czechia safe?

Yes, very. Although there are areas with higher criminality rate in some cities, generally, the country is very safe. It is quite normal even in the largest Czech cities for young people to walk home at night unaccompanied and for children to play alone outside, especially in the countryside but not only there.

Based on the GPI for 2019, Czechia is the 10th most peaceful country in the world and 6th in Europe.

Should I travel to Czechia with children?

Definitely, if you want to. As already mentioned, Czechia is a very safe country and for the children as well. Moreover, many establishments are very children-friendly and there’s a lot to do with children in Czechia.

Are there any vaccines recommended when travelling to Czechia?

Not really. The residents get vaccinated against illnesses like the measles, diphtheria, meningococcus and hepatitis, however, the collective immunity is still relatively strong here. You might consider getting a flu shot if you’re travelling in spring or fall.

What is the time zone in Czechia?

Czechia uses the Central European Summer Time as well as the Central European Time. So the time zone is either UTC+2 (starting end March) or UTC+1 (starting end October).

What is the capital of Czechia?

The capital of the Czech Republic is Praha (Prague).

What is the dial code for Czechia?

The dial code is +420.

What is the current Covid-19 situation in Czechia?

Read this post to see what the current Covid-19 situation is.


Do you have any more questions? Comment and we’ll respond and maybe even add your question to the FAQ about Czechia;-)

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