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5 Reasons to Visit Czech Republic

Are you considering a visit to Czech Republic but you’re not completely decided yet? Here are 5 reasons why you should definitely plan your travel to the heart of Europe.


Whether you’re a fan of modern architecture or medieval castles, you’ll find it here. You can admire the Dancing House in Prague in the morning, have a lunch at the palace in Lednice and spend the afternoon surrounded by the mystical atmosphere of one of the many stone castles from the Middle Ages. And it really doesn’t matter in which part of the country you are, there’s all of this everywhere. So whether you decide to live the fairy-tale in Český Krumlov, enjoy the mixture of the modern and the ancient in Brno or be enchanted by a small town like Litomyšl, you can’t make a mistake.

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castle Lednice castle Okor


One of the greatest advantages of Czech Republic is that you can find so many different landscapes on a small area. You can literally cross the country in one day which makes it possible to enjoy many different things even on a short trip. And Czech Republic has it all – warm areas with beautiful lakes and beaches, lash vineyards, magnificent forests and mountains with ski slopes. Czechs like the outdoors and many places offer the services accordingly. You can rent a boat at a lake and when the winter comes and that lake freezes over, part of it will probably be cleaned for ice-skating. Riding a bike is a hobby of many here and you can get by bike even to places you would expect to be possible to reach only on foot. And if you like hiking, you’re in the best place of all. Czech Republic has an incredible network of hiking paths which are marked with a system of markers throughout the whole country.

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Czech Republic has 3 main regions – Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia – with fairly different traditions, culture and people. The Czech hold many folkloric celebrations all year round, some of them being hody, fašank or dožínky. There are often thematic markets connected to the wine harvest, Christmas or Easter and let’s not forget the music because there’s lots of it always. You will fall in love with the traditional cimbalum bands and the many music events. And the modern art and culture are just as important. Cities, towns and villages host many music festivals, art expositions and alternative art events.

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When you visit Czech Republic, you have to try the local food! Traditional Czech food will knock your socks off. Every traditional recipe is a soul food and you can expect plenty of delicious whether you’re a fan of meat or cake. The Czech cuisine consists of a lot of meat and potatoes made in many different ways. Very typical is also cabbage, pickled vegetables and dumplings. However, the Czech are also used to eating fresh fruit and vegetables.

And when it comes to the sweet stuff, be prepared to be amazed. There are so many types of cake and pastries that it’s impossible to try everything in a year. One curious thing to many foreigners is the fact that it’s common to eat sweet also for the main meal of the day.

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Beer & Wine

Maybe you’ve heard about the Czech beer and how good and cheap it is. Until recently it was not uncommon to pay less for a půllitr (half a liter, the usual served amount) of beer than for the same amount of water. There are quite a few Czech beers, some pretty famous. Do you know the Budweiser? That’s a Czech beer. Other well-known brands include Velkopopovický Kozel, Starobrno, Zlatopramen or Gambrinus, however, there are many more and some delicious beers come from small breweries. Be sure to ask for local ones when you go to a pub on your visit to Czech Republic.

A big part of Czech Republic is a wine area, especially the South Moravian region. Not only are there several local types of wine that taste like heaven (one of the best being Pálava), there’s a whole branch of tourism revolving around the wine industry. There are wine-routes that you can take as organized trips with wine tasting and you often encounter vineyards on your walks in the region. Wine is also very accessible pricewise. You can even come to a winery with your own bottle and have it filled. And believe us, there’s something for everyone – red, white and rosé as well as dry, semi-dry, semi-sweet and sweet wines. A specialty is young “pre-wine” called burčák – it’s actually not wine but lightly fermented grape juice and its season is only a very short one at the end of summer.

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As you can see, Czech Republic has a lot to offer to every tourist. Don’t hesitate to visit Czech Republic, this small country of many charms and prepare to be amazed.

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