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Czech Reference in Movies

Here’s a list of famous movies and shows that make a reference to the Czech Republic, enjoy!

1. Breaking Bad

There are two mentions of Prague in the successful US-series Breaking Bad and both by the main character. The first one is in a dialogue with the meth supplier Lydia, the second one is in the very last episode when Walter tries to persuade his wealthy former friends to donate money to his son.

2. The Big Bang Theory

In The Big Bang Theory Sheldon dedicates an episode of his series Fun with Flags to the Czech Republic and compares his break-up with Amy to the dissolution of Czechoslovakia.

And there is another reference to Czechoslovakia when Sheldon refers to his diarrhea as “Blitzkrieg on Czechoslovakia”.

3. The Illusionist

The Illusionist himself mentions that he spent some time on a farm near Prague. Later, one of the “spirits” says he is from “Brun” (Brünn – Brno in German).

4. Friends

The Czech capital Prague is mentioned several times throughout the series.

5. The Mentalist

Prague is also mentioned in one episode of The Mentalist.

6. Gilmore Girls

Aaaaand Prague is also mentioned in Gilmore Girls!

7. Stargate

Although Czech Republic isn’t mentioned in the series, there is a huge Czech factor – the actor David Nykl who plays dr. Zelenka is actually Czech as he speaks Czech in several series. He was probably given a free hand with what he chooses to say because for example in one scene he asks a guy “What did you touch?” to which his colleague replies “Nothing” and dr. Zelenka goes on saying (this time in Czech) “Jesus, I can’t work with these actors!”

8. Sherlock

In one of the episodes of Sherlock with Benedict Cumberbatch the main character examins a piece of paper and refers to it as “nice stationery – Bohemian, Czech Republic”.

9. Black Mirror

Have you noticed that in one episode of Black Mirror the GPS talks Czech?

10. Mission Impossible

This movies has not only been partialy filmed in Prague, in one scene, Tom Cruise’s character is disguised as a Czech man and has a brief exchange with the plane stewardess saying (in Czech) “I haven’t been to China yet, is it nice?”

11. Saving Private Ryan

In the following scene from Saving Private Ryan a captured supposedly German soldier shouts “I’m Czech, I didn’t shoot anyone!”

12. Stripes

If you’ve seen the movie Stripes, you might remember this scene refering to Czechoslovakia.

13. Before Midnight

In Before Midnight Ethan Hawke’s character mentions that his wife once gave a blowjob to the Czech president Václav Havel.

14. 15 Minutes

Czech actor plays a spree killer, a bank robber who tracks down a Czech emigré played by Vera Farmiga (who is actuallz of Ukrainian origin).

15. Kicking and Screaming

“Look, everyone else in America has already been to Prague, what’s the big deal if you send one extra?”

16. The X-Files: Kaddish

In this episode of The X-Files a Jewish woman talks about a wedding ring which was made “in Kolín near Prague”.

Do you know any other movies or shows that make a reference to the Czech Republic?

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