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Pulčín Icefalls – Beautifully Unique

The icefalls of Pulčín are a unique natural fenomenon in Moravian Wallachia (Moravské Valašsko or simply Valašsko) that can be admired every winter between January and March. Why are they so unique?


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Pulčín is a village and a part of a larger municipality called Francova Lhota in the district of Vsetín (ethnographic region of Valašsko). The icefalls can’t be reached by following the usual touristic markers but the municipality usually marks a special route to them in the rocks called Pulčínské skály (they are part of the National Protected Landscape Area Pulčínské skály – Hradisko in the Javorníky mountains).

The exact spot is called Propadlý hrad (“Sunken Castle”).

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Why are the Pulčín Icefalls so unique?

The Icefalls form every winter and the time they last depends on the temperatures below zero. If the winter is especially cold and without thaw the icefalls are massive by february. The reason, however, why they became a tourist attraction are their unusual ochre-orange-brown tones caused by a microscopic algae that lives in the ice. The algae were discovered in the High Tatras in 1947.

When to Go

Due to the fact that the icefalls need cold temperatures to develop and because of the protection of nature the icefalls are only accessible between the 1st of January and 31st of March.

How to Get There

You have to set off from the Pulčín village and follow the route marked out by the village. Always bear in mind that the entry to the Natural Protected Landscape Pulčín-Hradisko is generally forbidden with the exception of the ONE route to the icefalls and back, so you’re not to go anywhere else!

Where to Eat Near

Restaurant 100-dola

Pulčín 22, Francova Lhota – website here

Restaurace Na Formance

Lidečko 31, Horní Lideč – website here

Kus Žvance

Horní Lideč 48 – website here

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