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Live Nativity Scene in Rajhrad

Live Nativity Scene in Rajhrad brings together hundreds of people each year at Christmas.

If you’re in South Moravia at Christmas, you should see where to go to see a live Nativity Scene. One of the places to go is Rajhrad, a town near the city of Brno.

As is tradition, the Nativity Scene is played out at the patio of the Benedictine monastery and among the portrayed characters there are the traditional ones like Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus and angels but also special ones that have to do with Czech and Moravian crafts and traditions. And so we could see for example people in traditional dresses giving to the baby Jesus a demijohn of slivovice. Often there are also animals like sheep, ponies or doves.

nativity scene rajhrad

There are more towns organizing live Nativity Scenes, you can just browse the internet and find the nearest one. However, the one in Rajhrad is an annual event. If you’d like to see what other unconventional Nativity Scenes there are in the Czech Republic, check out the article Unconventional Czech Nativity Scenes.

This year’s Nativity scene was created by 75 characters accompanied by a choir of 25 people and more than 500 visitors came to watch it on the 25th of December. Here’s a video from the Nativity Scene in Rajhrad 2022 accompanied by some Czech Christmas songs:

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