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Mazanec – Czech Easter Bread (recipe and more)

Easter is nearly here and the Easter Bread is an important part of the holiday in the Czech Republic.

Mazanec is sweet Czech Easter pastry usually baked on Holy Saturday. Nowadays it comes mostly in a form of a round loaf, however, it can also be braided. It is very similar to the Christmas pastry called Vánočka.

It is made from yeast dough and historically, the recipe varied according to for whom the mazanec was. While house staff had plain dough, honored guests received Easter Bread with raising and nuts.

The first recipes that we know of come from the end of the 15th century. By that time, sugar was not common and it was expensive and the pastry wasn’t sweet.

Czech Easter Bread – Recipe

You can use white as well as whole-wheat flour, finely ground or a little coarse. You can use our Czech Flour Guide to help you navigate through the maze of Czech flour types.

You can find the whole recipe here, on the blog of the Creative Mom.

How to braid mazanec – video


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