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Amazing places in Czech Republic to plan your trip!

You plan a visit to the central European slice of heaven or maybe you’re here already but don’t know what to visit? Here’s a list of amazing places all over the Czech Republic to help you decide.

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1. Máj vantage point

Máj is the most famous vantage point of the Czech Republic. Located in the Central Bohemian region about 1 km from the village Teletín this view of the river Vltava is a protagonist of many touristic flyers.

amazing places czech

2. Bouzov castle

Bouzov deservedly made our TOP 15 castles to visit in Moravia and Silesia. This romantic castle in the Olomouc region not only offers great views, it can also be viewed from this vantage point.


3. Velká Amerika Quarry

Velká Amerika, Big America or Czech Grand Canyon, those are the names of the partly flooded limestone quarry in the Central Bohemian region. A long tunnel connects it with another quarry – Malá Amerika (Small America).

4. Moravian Karst

Moravský kras is a complex of dripstone caverns and protected nature reserve and one abyss in South Moravia. Its geological features include also gorges. The karst can be reached on foot from the nearby villages.

5. Tetín

Tetín is a Central Bohemian village just 2 km from the town of Beroun. It is one of the oldest villages in the Czech Republic. Its origins date back to the 10th century. It is a famous place of pilgrimage, the pilgrimages are organized on the first Sunday after the 16th of September.

amazing places czech

6. Říp mountain

Říp is one of the most famous Czech mountains. Not so much for its height of 460 m but rather thanks to the legend that tells the story of forefather Čech (praotec Čech) who came to this mountain with his companions, looked at the landscape and decided to settle down here. The nation of Bohemians was named after him (in Czech Bohemia is called Čechy). Říp is located in the north of the Central Bohemian region. On the top of the mountain there is the rotunda of St. George and from June till September you can take the historical railcar Podřipský motoráček from Roudnice nad Labem and it will take you through the villages and towns under the mountain.

amazing places czech

7. Boubín Virgin Forest

Boubín is the only virgin forest in the Czech Republic and one of the oldest forest reserves in Europe. Its vegetation has remained almost untouched and it’s a really unique place to go. It’s in the South Bohemian region and in the south of the Šumava National Park.

amazing places czech

8. Litomyšl

Litomyšl is a charming town on the border between Moravia and Bohemia. We dedicated a whole article to it.

9. Příhrazské skály

Příhrazské skály are rocky mountains on the north of Central Bohemia. It’s a protected landskape with rock cities.

10. Milešovka

Milešovka is the highest mountain of the Central Bohemian Highlands and the windiest place of the Czech Republic. Conquer it and you can enjoy some great views. If the weather’s good, you can see Šumava, the Krkonoše mountains, Krušné hory mountains and even Prague or the peaks of the Alps 300 km away from Milešovka.

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