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Olomouc Christmas Markets

Christmas markets in the Moravian town of Olomouc are one of the most worth visiting in the Czech Republic.

christmas olomouc

Christmas Markets in Olomouc

christmas olomouc

I told you about this beautiful town in Explore Olomouc, the heart of Hanakia. This time, I would like to give you a tour of its Christmas markets that are known to be one of the most beautiful (according to some the most beautiful) in the country. To compare it to the markets in the two largest Czech cities – For some people, the markets in Prague may be a little too touristic and Brno has five markets divided thematically (food, handmade…). Olomouc has three markets where everything mixes, to you can buy bramborák or vánočka at one stand and handmade candles at the next one. The ambient is amazing, the omnipresent smell of spices and punch, the music…and if you’re lucky enough to be there on a snowy day, the package is complete.

Would you like a video tour in the markets? Scroll down for an embedded video.

The Christmas markets in Olomouc take place in the two main squares – Horní náměstí and Dolní náměstí – and Tržnice which offers an ice-skating ring (entry is free of charge) and a 30-meter Ferris wheel. Most of the 130 stands are in Horní náměstí where you can, moreover, treat your children to a carousel ride or view the market from one of the vantage points (the other two being the town hall tower and the Ferris wheel). Speaking of children, there is one stand that offers handmade workshops for the whole family. Also, there’s a rich cultural program, you can see the schedule on the posters at all the three markets.

One of the news of this year’s news is the punch trail (punčová stezka).

This trail will lead you through both squares where you can taste Olomouc favorite punches and several drinks more. You get a stamp on the special punch card at every station. Moreover, there are new signature mugs that you can buy as a souvenir from the markets – ceramic or tin in two colors.

christmas olomouc

Food at the Christmas Markets in Olomouc

You can taste local as well as international specialties, there’s something for everyone. There’s lots of meat and a soup stand, desserts like frgál, laskonky, macaroons, gingerbread, trdelník or Christmas cookies and there are also goodies you can bring home like spices, syrups, sausages or marinated cheese. To mention some of the less common food and drinks, there’s a stand with coffee made over sand where you can taste sweets from Dubai.

Traditional Products

Of course, what would the Christmas markets be without beeswax candles or Christmas tree decorations!

christmas olomouc

There’s also soaps and bath salts, folkloric embroidery, handmade ceramics, Advent wreaths and mistletoe, wooden products, toys and the Christmas markets is an ideal opportunity to buy some cookie cutters and molds!

christmas olomouc

You can get socks made from sheep or alpaka yarn, warm caps and gloves, bells or blacksmith product.

christmas olomouc

Nativity Scene

The Christmas market in Olomouc has a wood-carved Nativity Scene.

christmas olomouc christmas olomouc

Video Tour

Here’s a short video of the Christmas markets in Olomouc in 2023:

More Photos of the Christmas Markets in Olomouc

christmas olomouc christmas olomouc christmas olomouc christmas olomouc  christmas olomouc

christmas olomouc christmas olomouc christmas olomouc christmas olomouc

christmas olomouc christmas olomouc christmas olomouc christmas olomouc    christmas olomouc christmas olomouc

 christmas olomouc christmas olomouc

christmas olomoucchristmas olomouc christmas olomouc


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