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TOP 15 Castles to Visit in Moravia and Silesia

Moravia and Silesia don’t abound in castles as much as Bohemia, however, some of the castles could easily compete for the most beautiful castle in Czechia. Here is a list of the TOP 15 castles to visit in Moravia and Silesia.

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1. Pernštejn

King of Moravian castles

Region: South Moravia

The Gothic castle Pernštejn was built in the mid 13th century in the forsts of the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands and it is the most famous of all the castles in Moravia. It’s accessible from the village of Nedvědice on foot or taking the small train from the parking lot under the castle. This monumental and mysterious castle rightfully earned the King of Moravian castles.

2. Špilberk

Fortress, prison, castle


Region: South Moravia

Špilberk rises in the very center of Brno. Its construnction started in the 13th century and it underwent many changes in the course of the centuries. In the 18th century Špilberk’s underground called kasematy became a feared prison. Nowadays it houses the headquarters of the Museum of Brno.

3. Bouzov

Central-Moravian gem


Region: Olomouc

Although the construction of Bouzov started at the turn of the 13th and 14th century, its romantic look is the result of the extensive reconstruction and changes made at the turn of the 19th and 20th century. The castle features several tours on which you can see its fully equipped interiors.

4. Helfštýn

Where the White Lady roams

Region: Olomouc

Helfštýn was built in the 13th century and many scary legends surround it. Some of them have to do with the devil who supposedly helped the nobleman who built the castle. The most famous legend speaks about a ghost of a lady dressed in white who roams the castle walls.

5. Buchlov

Enjoy the views

By palickap – Own work, CC BY 3.0,

Region: Zlín

One of the most massive Czech castles stands on a hill also named Buchlov. From the observation tower you can enjoy beautiful views of the Chřiby (Mars Mountains).

6. Sovinec

Where the movie Bathory was made


Region: Moravian-Silesian

Sovinec was built in the 14th century and it’s charm attracts filmmakers such as the producers of the movie Bathory. The castle tower offers amazing views as does the tower of the adjacent St. Augustyn church.

7. Hukvaldy

Place to go under the Beskid Mountains

Jakub Hałun / CC BY-SA (

Region: Moravian-Silesian

The Hukvaldy castle offers great views at the ridges of the Beskids on the horizon. It’s one of the most massive castle ruins in Czechia. It still has five conserved gates and a bastion.

8. Nový Hrádek

Where nature prevails

novy hradek
Autor: Hildegarda von Hildegardenburg – Vlastní dílo, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Region: South Moravia

Nový Hrádek is a 14th century castle in the Podyjí National Park. The castle is home to several rare species of snakes, bats, bees and beetles as well as mushrooms and other plants.

9. Cornštejn

Most romantic


Region: South Moravia

The 14th century Cornštejn is a ruin not far from Vranov nad Dyjí, a popular vacation destination. In 2008 it won the title of the Most Romantic Castle in South Moravia. The castle offers great views of the protected landscape area that is named after the castle.

10. Dívčí hrady

Gem of Pálava

divci hrady
I, Ondřej Žváček / CC BY-SA (

Region: South Moravia

Also called Děvičky, the ruin of a 13th century castle rises on a limestone rock of the Děvín Mountain. The area is part of the Pálava protected landscape area famous for its wineyards.

11. Veveří

Churchills honeymoon destination


Region: South Moravia

Veveří is a castle near Brno, you can actually get there taking the steamboat that crosses the Brno water reservoir, one of the stop is this 13th century castle. As so many other historical buildings Veveří, too, suffered the negligence of the era of communism when the castle was used as storage of straw and other agricultural produce. Winston Churchill visited Veveří several times, he and his wife Clementine even spent here a part of their honeymoon.

12. Sirotčí hrádek

Castle of the orphan

sirotci hradek
I, Ondřej Žváček / CC BY-SA (

Region: South Moravia

This ruin of a 13th century Gothic castle is supposedly haunted by a ghost. The legend says the knight templar who lived here refused to follow his order to war because he was about to become a father. When his son was born, a commander of the order who was the child’s godfather decided to name the boy Orphanus, then he executed the father and everyone in the castle. Years later the son came to the castle, was told what had happened and lost his mind. His ghost is roaming the castle every night.

13. Bítov

Romanticism, guns and torture chambers


Region: South Moravia

We recommend a visit to the 11th century Bítov especially in summer when you can enjoy the forests that surround it. Follow the touristic routes that will lead you not only to the castle but also to natural wells and great places to get a view of the whole area. The castle is open to the public, you can see among others the exhibits of guns and torture chambers.

14. Frejštejn

Small but rewarding

Autor: Dr. Killer – Vlastní dílo, CC BY 2.5,

Region: South Moravia

Frejštejn is a castle ruin in the South-Moravian village of Podhradí nad Dyjí. It was built in the 13th century. The preserved ruins are relatively small, however, you will be rewarded by some pretty great views of the rocks called Podhradské skály and the river Thaya (Dyje).

15. Slezskoostravský hrad / Silesian Ostrava castle

Festival castle

Michal Klajban / CC BY-SA (

Region: Moravian-Silesian

Built in the second half of the 13th century near the conjunction of two rivers, the Silesian Ostrava castle was an important element in the protection of the route to Poland. After falling into ruin for centuries the city restored it in 2004 and nowadays it hosts festivals like Colours of Ostrava or the Summer Shakespearean Festival.

How did you like the list of TOP castles in Moravia and Silesia? Have you visited some that you think we should include?

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