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Hřensko is a village in the Ústí nad Labem region (north of Bohemia) and it’s the entrance point into the Bohemian Switzerland National Park (Národní park České Švýcarsko). Let us take you on a tour of the magnificent gorges and vantage points around this municipality which is the lowest point of the Czech Republic.

The village and its surroundings are a touristically attractive area at the border between the Czech Republic and Germany. Its location on the confluence of the rivers Kamenice and Labe (Elbe) invites for boatrides which give you the opportunity to explore the gorges and other geological sights of Hřensko.


Visit this map to see a suggested route around the area and for now you can take a virtual tour with us. There is also a marked tourist hiking trail around the area.

What to see in Hřensko

Gorgeous gorges of Hřensko

Going on a boat down the river Kamenice is the best way to enjoy the first stop on the map – the gorges and their flora. Mountain vegetation thrives here thanks to the unique climate of the rocks. You just have to remember, that the gorges are opened only from April till October. You can reach other parts hiking.

hřensko gorge
Edmundova soutěska (Edmund’s gorge) called also Tichá soutěska (Quiet gorge)

Just before reaching the gorges you can change direction and go to the majestic rock towers of which there are four sets. They are called Babička (The Grandma), Děti (The Children), Rodiče (The Parents) and Šťastlivec (The Happy Man).


Just about 200 m furter down the river you reach the exposition caled “From the mill to the log cabin and back”. In this log cabin you can enjoy an interactive exposition inspired by the late 19th century. Next to the cabin there is a kiosk with food and beverages.

Wild gorge and more

The famous Wild gorge (Divoká soutěska) is the next stop on our trip and if you get off the boat in the nearby wharfage, you can hike to the Duck waterfall (Kachní vodopád) as well as the pinnacles Trojnožka and Závojnatka.

hřensko gorge
Divoká soutěska (Wild gorge) is a little further down the river, about 6 km from the village of Hřensko

Gabriela’s Trail

The river Kamenice continues south, we, however, go a little further east and then north towards the border with Germany. We cross Mezní louka where you can actually go also by bus and several bycicle trails cross here. Just next to it there’s the area called Rysí stezka, which is an interactive and educational forest area for children as well as adults.

rysi stezka
source: region-ceskesvycarsko.cz

Right after that we get onto Gabriela’s trail (Gabrielina stezka) which will ultimatelly lead us to the rock gate Pravčická brána. You really have to watch your trail here because in a large part of this area stepping out of the marked trail is punishable by fine.

If you stay on the route, you will reach many rock towers in the western part of it and several great vantage points.

Pravčická brána

Pravčická brána is the symbol of this area. It’s the most visited natural sight of the Bohemian Switzerland, probably because it’s the largest natural rock gate on the European continent.

pravčická brána

Located just about 15 km north from the city of Děčín and less than 4 km from Hřensko, the gate has been visited and admired by milions over the years.

hřensko pravčická brána bohemian switzerland

If you deviate from the trail you can visit some more rock towers and vantage points as well as several caverns. Well, and then you have just a few kilometers left through the beautiful natural area and back to Hřensko.

Opening Hours and Fees

Here are 2020 opening hours for your orientation.

Edmund’s Gorge is open daily

May 6 – October 4, 2020 – 9 AM to 6 PM

October 5 – November 1, 2020 – 9 AM to 5 PM

Fee: Adult – 120 CZK, Children (3-15 years) – 50 CZK

Wild Gorge is open daily

May 6 – October 4, 2020 – 9 AM to 5 PM

October 5 – November 1, 2020 – 9 AM to 4 PM

Fee: Adult – 80 CZK, Children (3-15 years) – 40 CZK

It is not possible to order the boat ride in advance.

Boat capacity: 25 people

Baby cariages and dogs (only allowed with muzzle) free of charge

It is not possible to transport bikes.

Where to eat in Hřensko

Stará plynárna (Old Gas Plant)

Hřensko 119, Hřensko – website here

Hostinec Mezní louka


Mezná 71, Hřensko – website here

Penzion Na Vyhlídce


Mezná 80, Hřensko – website here

U Forta

Mezní Louka 37, Hřensko – website here

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