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TOP 10 Châteaus to visit in Bohemia

The châteaus of Bohemia are definitely worth your time. They come in different shapes, sizes and styles and touring them is never boring. Here’s a list of TOP 10 châteaus to visit in Bohemia.

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1. Hluboká nad Vltavou

Most famous

Region: South Bohemia

This is probably the most famous one of all the châteaus in Bohemia. It’s characteristic white facade and unmistakeable battlement attract tourists from all over the world. It’s close to the city of České Budějovice from where even less skilled bikers can reach it easily.

2. Litomyšl

Castle in the town of music

Region: Pardubice

The castle of Litomyšl was built in Renaissance style and it has lots to offer. You can admire its precious facades in the courtyard or the beautiful garden which is part French and part English. Or even the adjacent beerbrewery with the flat where the world-famous composer Bedřich Smetana was born.

3. Červená Lhota

Water château

Region: South Bohemia

The Červená Lhota château was built in the 14th century and it underwent many stylistic changes. It became famous not only for its typical red color but also the fact that it’s a water château. For this reason it’s frequented by many photographers who hope to get a picture of the château’s water reflection.

4. Jindřichův Hradec

Where diplomats lived

Region: South Bohemia

This beautiful château was originally built as a castle. Nowadays, it offers many guided tours on which you can see the original interiors and authentic furniture as well as the original “black” kitchen. One of the tours focuses on the royal family Černínové who worked on diplomatic missions in the 17th – 20th century.

5. Sychrov

Château of falcons

Region: Liberec

The Sychrov château appeared in several Czech movies, for example Dark Blue World (Tmavomodrý svět, 2001), or the fairy tales Princess Goldilocks (Zlatovláska, 1973) and Nesmrtelná teta (1993). An important part of Sychrov has always been the falconry and you can attend falconry demonstrations here. Antonín Dvořák, the most internationally played Czech composer used to spend his vacation here.

6. Konopiště

Home to bears

Region: Central Bohemia

Konopiště is not only a charming château with character, it is also a place with long tradition of bear breeding. The bears live here even now. The château was originally a 13th century castle which was rebuilt and changed several times until the archduke Franz Ferdinand d’Este, a big admirer of this place whose assassination started the World War I, gave it its final look.

7. Žleby

The filmmakers’ choice

Region: Central Bohemia

This Neogothic château has an undeniable charmed proven by the fact that filmmakers love it. It has appeared in a number of movies, especially fairy-tales. Nowadays, its owner is the state and the château is fully open to the public.

8. Kačina

Important Empire style building

Region: Central Bohemia

The early 19th century Kačina château belongs to the most important Empire style buildings in Czechia. It is located in the village of Svatý Mikuláš not far from Kutná Hora and the surrounding park was designed by the viennese botanics Nikolas von Jacquin. There are several interesting expositions such as The Agricultural Background of the Château or the outdoor expositions including a garden with healing herbs.

9. Trojský zámek

A little bit of Italy in Prague

Region: Prague

This château was built in the 17th century in the Prague quarter of Troja. The style of the château cannot deny a strong Italian influence, however, you might be interested even more in the gardens. It’s full of fruit and decorative trees, there’s a natural tunnel, vases, fountains and an orangery.

10. Blatná

Charming château with a beautiful park

Autor: David Paloch (Caroig) – Vlastní dílo, CC BY-SA 2.5, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=1164369

Region: South Bohemia

Blatná was built in the 13th century originally as a fortress, then a castle and later it became the château that we know today. Although a private property it is open to the public in the main season. The park is open during the whole year and one of it’s main attractions are the fallow deers that live there. The château appeared in several movies including the fairy-tale The Incredibly Sad Princess (Šíleně smutná princezna, 1968).

What do you think of the châteaus of Bohemia? Are they worth visiting?

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