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Beautiful Chapels in the Czech Republic

Czech Republic is not only a land of castles, there are also thousands of beautiful churches and chapels. This post is about the latter because there are more than a few chappels worth seeing on your trip to the Czech Republic.

Though mostly catholic, some of these chapels look more like something from a fairy-tale. Some of them can be found in breathtaking locations. So let’s take a trip to see 13 of the most beautiful Czech chapels!

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St. Hubert’s chapel, Tuhaň


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Where to find it: You can find this charming chappel in a little village called Tuhaň located in the northwestern part of the Kokořínsko microregion. Map here.

Kalvárie chapel, Petřín, Prague

Praha – kaple Kalvárie na Petříně

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Where to find it: On the Petřín hill in Prague. You can see this chapel on an afternoon walk in the Lesser Town of Prague.

Chapel of St. Anthony of Padua, Javorník

Where to find it: Javorník is a village in the South Bohemian region near Prachatice. Map here.

Rock chapel in Svojkov

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Where to find it: This stunning rock chapel is a part of the Modlivý důl pilgrimage point in Svojkov, Liberec region. Map here.

Clarova kaple, Hřensko

📷Clarova kaple

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Where to find it: Clarova kaple is a pseudo-gothic chapel built on what is today a decaying cemetery near Hřensko. Map here.

Chapel of the Virgin Mary, Muřinkový vrch, Horní Lomná

Where to find it: If you ever find yourself in the Beskydy mountains, be sure to visit the hill called Muřinkový vrch right at the border with Slovakia. There you will find this chapel built in 1910. Map here.

Ticháčkova kaple, Suchý Důl

Where to find it: The original chapel was built in 1897 after 23 apparitions of the Virgin Mary. After it burnt down it was re-built in 2011-2012. It’s in a forest called Ticháčkův les in the village of Suchý Důl in the Protected Landscape Area Broumovsko (northeastern Bohemia). Map here.

St. Hubert’s chapel, Valtice

Where to find it: The chapel is a part of the famous south-Moravian Area of Lednice and Valtice. Map here.

Chapel of St. Mary Helper of the Christians, Křížový vrch, Hamr na Jezeře

Where to find it: Hamr na Jezeře is a town in North Bohemia. This little chapel can be found on the hill called Křížový vrch (The Hill of the Cross). Map here.

St. Šebestián chapel, Svatý Kopeček, Mikulov

Where to find it: Svatý Kopeček (Little Holy Hill) is overlooking the South Moravian town of Mikulov. Map here.

Chapel of the Virgin Mary, Brno – Líšeň

Where to find it: In the Brno city quarter Líšeň on a hill called Kostelíček (Little Church) near Mariánské údolí. Map here.

Tesařovská chapel, Kořenov

czech chappels

Where to find it: In Kořenov, which is a village in the Jizera mountains right at the border with the Krkonoše mountains. Map here.

Stožecká kaple (officially Chapel of the Virgin Mary)

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Where to find it:  village Stožec near Volary in Šumava (Bohemian Forest), map here


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