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Where to go in Prague with Children

Prague is a place worth visiting but sightseeing with children can be challenging. That’s why we’ve made this list of places to go with children in Prague so you can enjoy some tourism in Prague with the ocassional breaks for your little or big ones. 

Prague is a big city and we are sure we can’t possibly cover all the interesting places. These are the ones we recommend and any time we stumble upon a nice place we’ll add it to the list.

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Indoor playgrounds

  • Slunečnice – nice playground with a corner for the parents to have their coffee;-) Vojtíškova 2. More info:
  • Toboga Fantasy – huge playground in Zličín, similar to Toboga Bongo in Brno. Skandinávská 5a. More info:
  • Koala café – More than a café this is a indoor playground with a café. Suitable for little older kids. Dolnoměcholupská 17. More info:
  • Tanzania Park – many many slides, swings, lots to climb on and through on an area of 1200 square meters. Veronské náměstí 403. More info:
  • Brumbambule – not too big but offers nice playground for kids age 3+ and a small space for younger children. Kolbenova 9a. More info:
  • Lumpík – a center with an indoor playground and several family-centered courses. Playground rather for young children. Křesomyslova 17c. More info:

Outdoor playgrounds

Prague has around 100 children’s playground, you can find them in this great interactive map.

  • Krtkův svět – one playground to mention is Krtkův svět in Horní Měcholupy, Prague. It’s a beautiful natural playground that even bigger kids will enjoy. K Měcholupům 777. More info:

Children’s Cafés

  • Chaloupka – Nice little place with toys for small children. Antala Staška 16. More info:
  • Človíčkov – Although Človíčkov calls itself a playground, we would rather call it a kid’s café, the tables and chairs take more space than the toys. It is a nice place though and you can find it in three locations in Prague. More info and addresses here:
  • Café Pink Bear – quite an unusual kid’s café. It is very cozy with toys for toddlers and older kids and a styling corner for young princesses! Branická 43. Mode info:
  • Halabala – very nice plays with toys inside but especially a garden with a sandbox and swings. Hládkov 3. More info:


Cafés and restaurants with toys

  • Vinohradský parlament – Nice restaurant in the city quarter of Vinohrady. Korunní 1. More info:
  • Králík v rádiu – playroom with a babysitter, children’s meals with little salt and spices and yet a great restaurant. Totally recommended. Pernerova 51. More info:
  • Bruxx – great food, not so far from the center. Náměstí míru 9. More info:
  • Golden Pacific Café – in this place you’ll be served by small trains! Radlická 117. More info:


Nature and outdoors

  • Zoo Prague – great zoo with lots of interesting programmes. U Trojského zámku 3. More info:
  • Folimanka park – nice park with playgrounds in the city quarter of Nusle.
  • Divoká Šárka – Beautiful forest valley in Prague-Liboc. Ideal for hiking.
  • Jezerka park – Na Jezerce 1.
  • Botanical garden of Prague – Trojská 196. More info:
  • Miličovský les – Forest with ponds in the south of Prague. More info:
  • Obora Hvězda – very popular are for all sport loving people. Prague-Liboc.
  • Jellyfish aquarium – 38 aquariums of glowing jellyfish. Na Pankráci 86 – Arkády center. More info:


  • Žluté lázně – sports area at the river Vltava. Podolské nábřeží 1184. More info:
  • Aquacentrum Šutka – modern swimming area for children and adults. Čimická 41. More info:
  • Aquapalace Praha – the largest waterpark in Prague with lots to do in Čestlice. Pražská 138. More info:
  • Aquadream Barrandov – K Barrandovu 8. More info:
  • Divoká Šárka – in the Divoká Šárka valley, a simple small swimming pool in nature. Šárecké údolí 41. More info:
  • Koupaliště Petynka – outside swimming, also a paddle pool for babies. Otevřená 41. More info:


  • DinoPark Harfa – a park full of dinosaurs! Českomoravská 15a. More info:
  • Kemp Žižkov – a camping site in the center of Prague? Yes! Lots of things to do for kids, concerts, sport areas and swimming pools…the menu offers rather camping fastfood but the place is just great. Nad Ohradou 17. More info:
  • Petřín lookout tower – have a look on the great city from way up there! Petřínské sady 633. More info:
  • Lego Museum – The largest private collection in the world. Národní 31. More info:
  • Museum of Alchemy – mysterious museum with and authentic 15th century staircase in the Lesser Town in Prague. Jánský vršek 8. More info:
  • Bobsled track in Prosek – Prosecká 34b. More info:
  • Království železnic – awesome exposition of miniature railways. Stroupežnického 23. More info:
  • Prague Observatory – Královská obora 233. More info:
  • Museum of Agriculture – not just agricultural expositions but also interactive plays for children, a gastronomy playground and much more. Kostelní 44. More info:

Where to stay in Prague with children

When travelling with children, you want to assure the comfort – enough space, good service… HERE is a list of family accommodation in Prague.

Did you find our list of places to go with children in Prague helpful? Let us know if there’s a place that deserves to be here!

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