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Beautiful Windmills in Czech Republic

Some of them have been here for decades or even centuries, being witness to historical events as well as serving people, other are the result of recent efforts. Let’s take a tour around the most Beautiful Windmills in the Czech Republic.


We’ve virtually toured the TOP Czech Castles and Chateaus and Beautiful Chapels in the Czech Republic, now I would like to show you sights that are often overlooked but belong to the beautiful landscapes of the country. The windmills have played it’s role in Czech agriculture for centuries and in the recent decades they are becoming a popular destination of landscape photographers.

Beautiful Windmills in Czech Republic


windmills chomutov

This windmill is a part of the open-air folk museum of the town of Chomutov at the foothills of Krušné hory (Ore Mountains) and in the valley of the Chomutovka river. The windmill overlooks a lake in a former military training space and it’s one of the recent Czech windmills. Built in 2006, the 12,5 meter tall mill is visible from the road leading from Chomutov to Jirkov. It opens during the festivities organized in the museum and besides the mill, you can enjoy a walk in the surrounding vineyards.

GPS: 50,473525 13,420279


windmills chvalkovice

The windmill between the villages of Chvalkovice and Nemochovice is one of the most photographed windmills in the Czech Republic. Built in 1873 by its first miller Josef Vítek, this mill worked until 1941 when the German occupation regime ordered stopping the steam engine powering the windmill. The mill overlooks the fields over the village Chvalkovice and the neighboring Nemochovice and due to its elevated location, its very popular with landscape photographers. Thanks to the lack of artificial light and thus the chance to see many stars, it’s often photographed at night.

GPS: 49°11′9.4″ N,17°7′5.55″ E


jalubí windmills

Jalubí is a village near Uherské Hradiště at the Chřiby Hills. And it’s home to a beautiful windmill. The original mill was torn down in 1938 (some sources state that it was destroyed in a bomb attack in 1945 but the village officially declares this to be false according to municipality records). A true replica of the original windmill was constructed in 2007 – 2008 by expert craftsmen from the village and near.

GPS: 49.1243556 N, 17.4310317 E


windmills krchleby

The municipality with the tong-twister like name of Krchleby is about one hour drive north-east from Prague. The Dutch-type windmill was built by a couple from the village. Although this mill doesn’t serve its original purpose but it contributes to preserving the knowledge of the craft. You can see there not only a traditional šalanda which is a room for the mill crew to rest in, a period-accurate living room and an exposition dedicated to extinct crafts.

GPS: 50.2414358N, 15.0154636E


windmills kunkovice

The Kunkovice windmill is another very photogenic one and also one of the most photographed windmills. It’s not far from the mill in Chvalkovice and of a similar situation. The rural landscape of Moravian Tuscany makes it a very romantic place to look at and immortalize in photos. The mill was built in 1875 and it’s indoors equipment was transported to the Technical Museum in Brno in 1974.

GPS: 49.1839869N, 17.1716603E


windmills kuželov

The windmill in Kuželov was built in 1842 and functioned until 1946. It’s been in the ownership of the Technical Museum in Brno since 1973 and underwent a reconstruction to renew it’s functionality. The former miller’s house stands right next to it.

GPS: 48°51′9.86″ N,17°29′45.17″ E

Ostrov u Macochy

ostrov u macochy

The windmill in Ostrov u Macochy is another of the South-Moravian mills. Different sources speak of a different year of construction, whole some say 1814, others say 1865. The mill converted its last wheat into flour in 1932 and remained occupied until 1947. Nowadays, it’s used for recreational purposes.

The village is located in the Moravian Karst so after visiting the mill you can admire this beautiful piece of Moravian nature.

GPS: 49°22′44,88″ s. š., 16°45′18,6″ v. d.



Another windmill in Southern Moravia is the one in Rudice near Blansko. Built in 1865 and after it was damaged by a gale in 1925, it was redone to be electricity-powered. The mill was sealed during WWII and its milling right was suspended in 1946. After that, the mill was expropriated. A museum opened inside the mill in 1994.

GPS: 49°20′1.64″ N,16°43′40.66″ E



The windmill in the South-Moravian town of Ruprechtov is unique thanks the Halladay wind turbine on its roof, in the height of 16 meters. It was built in 1873, reconstructed in 1995 and nowadays, it hosts exhibitions and a guide will take you on a tour of its three stories.

After you’re done with the tour of the mill, you can visit the nearby Moravian Karst with its system of caverns.

GPS: 49°19’57,5” N, 16°50’53,12”E


windmills siřejovice

The village of Siřejovice in the Ústí nad Labem region is home to the ruin of the Windsor mill (name given to it by the locals). It was built in 1843 and after 1870, it was rebuilt into a summer residence and it was occupied until 1930. The ruin is open to the public.

GPS: 50,478716 N, 14,082279 E

Starý Poddvorov

stary poddvorov

This wooden windmill is in Starý Poddvorov near Hodonín. This German-type mill was built in 1870 and curiously, not in this village but in Mutěnice from where it was transported ten years later. After it became a property of the town it underwent a major reconstruction and it is now open to the public.

GPS: 48°52′51.07″ N,16°57′53.62″ E



Světlík is a part of the North-Bohemian town of Horní Podluží and it is home to this historical windmill. It was built in 1843 as a part of a farm with a bakery. A group of people bought and reconstructed the mill which was basically a ruin then and more reconstruction followed in the early 2000s.

GPS: 50°53′44.37″ N,14°33′26.65″ E



This beautiful mill is located in the village of Vrátno near Mšeno in the Central-Bohemian region. It is called Vrátenský větrák (Fan of Vrátno) and it is the dominant of the local landscape. Built in 1870, this work is unusual for its height and it’s currently undergoing reconstruction and is therefore closed to the public.

GPS: 50.4439419 N, 14.7037953 E

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