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Places in Czech Republic and their international “copies”

We said it before and we will say it again – Czech Republic has it all and more, it has places comparable in beauty to famous destinations all over the world, although you might say there are some copies out there;-) Have a look!

And also Czech out other travel-related topics!

Novina viaduct vs. Glenfinnan viaduct (Scotland)

international copies czech

Máj (Vltava tiver) vs. Glen Canyon (Horseshoe Bend, Arizona);

Prague church of St. Ludmila vs. Chartres Cathedral (France)

Autor: Tiia Monto, CC BY-SA 4.0,; By Robin Poitou – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

These two churches are more than 1000 km away from each other. The one on the left is the Church of St. Ludmila in Prague-Vinohrady and left is the Cathedral of Our Lady of Chartres, France.

Pilsen synagogue vs. Zalaegerszek synagogue (Hungary)

Prachovské skály vs. Zhangjiajie (China);

Chvalkovice vs. Castilla La Mancha (Spain);

Liberec city hall vs. Viena city hall (Austria);

Hřensko gorges vs. Oregon gorges (USA);

No need to travel to Oregon to visit gorgeous gorges (Oneonta gorge on the right), there is Hřensko with its amazing complex of gorges (left)!

Žernoseky vineyards vs. Douro vineyards (Portugal);

Žampach bridge vs. Nine Arch Bridge (Sri Lanka)

Autor: Rybioko – Vlastní dílo, Volné dílo,

Boskovice castle vs. Dunluce castle (Ireland)

Lom Rabí vs. Tongariro (New Zealand)

Bouzov castle vs. Bran castle (Romania)

Hradec nad Moravicí castle vs. Castle de Haar (Netherlands)

Krkonoše vs. Yellowstone (USA);

What do you like better, the Czech places or their “copies”?

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