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Medieval Restaurants in Czech Republic

Would you like to go back in time and see how kings and peasants used to dine? Some say that the path to understanding a culture leads through its cuisine and we can’t imagine a better way to learn about a country’s history than at a feast. And besides great food Czech medieval restaurants offer also dance and music shows and other era-appropriate entertainment. Read on to discover which are the best medieval restaurants in Czech Republic.

We thank the first three medieval taverns who provided their photos for this article and we let you know about other taverns as well, just without pictures.

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Medieval Tavern Dětenice, Dětenice


Authentic interiors, meat roasted on an open fire, dancers, jugglers and swordsmen…in Dětenice you will be taken right back to the Middle Ages. You might be approached by a beggar pleading for some leftovers from your table or even shocked by an inquisition interrogation show! And if you’d like to stay, just book a room in the local Medieval Hotel.

By the way, our thanks go to the Medieval Tavern Dětenice for the featured picture.

Where to find the tavern: Chateau Resort Dětenice, Dětenice 1



Krčma U krále Brabantského, Prague


This tavern has been attended supposedly by peasants as well as disguised kings since the 14th century! Delicious, mostly meat-based dishes, authentic atmosphere and unique shows will transport you right back to the Middle Ages. You can also book a show just for you and your company and should you be too tired to travel further, you can use the stylish accommodation in the very same building.

We recommend visiting this tavern after an afternoon walk in Lesser Town!

Where to find the tavern: Thunovská 15, 118 00 Prague – Malá Strana



Rytířská krčma, Brno

“Tough Middle Ages, fine service, hop and vine beverages and meals brought from the crusades,” that’s how this unique establishment in Brno describes itself. Rytířská krčma or the Knight Tavern offers not only delicious food and drinks but also stylish decoration and live entertainment. All this very close to the Brno city center which makes it an ideal place to spend a (not so) quiet evening!

Where to find the tavern: Lidická 9, Brno (entrance from the patio)



Středověká krčma Písek, Písek

Where to find it: Hradišťská 326, Písek


Šatlava, Český Krumlov

Where to find it: Horní 157, Český Krumlov


Krčma U dwau Maryí, Český Krumlov

Where to find it: Parkán 104, Český Krumlov


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