Current COVID-19 situation in Czechia

Here is some basic information and where to find information about the COVID-19 related restrictions and measures in the Czech Republic.

Information Hotline

For Ministry of Health information hotline dial 1221.

Detailed information

Official government website informing about COVID-19 here.

Travel restrictions within the Czech Republic

List of countries according to health risk

Here is the official list of countries indicating the health risk assesed by the Czech Ministry of Health.

Map of alert in the districts of Czech republic

Here is the map that shows the degree of contagion of Covid-19 and therefore alert in the individual districts of the country.

Do I need a COVID-19 test to enter the Czech Republic?

The general recommendation of the Czech Ministry of Interior Affairs is to contact the Czech embassy if the country you’re travelling from. The obligation to undergo the test depends on the aforementioned list of countries according to the health risk and that list gets updated quite a lot. If you do need to undergo the test, you also need to check whether you can get tested before you leave your country. Sometimes, Czechia doesn’t recognize the tests from other countries and you need to get the test after your arrival. You can get tested right at the airport. The authorities assure that the tests in the Prague airport run smoothly and without delays. However, the travelers speak differently – you have to queue about 4 hours if you arrive in the morning, about 8 hours in you arrive later.

The other option is to get tested in one of the authorised places outside the airport.

Where do I get tested?

The list of officially approved testing sites is HERE. Scroll down to see the list according to regions.

Want to sew face-masks?

We have a little tip for you. HERE are a lot of free patterns and instructions for face masks. Moreover, you can find here recipes for hand sanitizers and other useful COVID-related tips.