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Legendary Czech Actresses, vol. 2

They were the stars of Czech cinematography, they enchanted everyone with their talent and beauty. Here is a second part of the article  Legendary Czech actresses.

Just like the ladies from Legendary Czech Actresses, vol. 1, these movie stars will never be forgotten.

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legendary actresses

Legendary Czech Actresses, vol. 2

Libuše Šafránková

Legendary Czech Actresses šafránková

We all know her especially as the best Cinderella in the world but this iconic actress from Brno shone is many different roles. She was extraordinary for her natural performances and in her roles of young girls she came across as very approachable, an extroverted girl who could just be friends with anyone.

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Jiřina Jirásková

Legendary Czech Actresses jirásková

This Prague-born star became famous for her unusual looks and husky voice. Moreover, she had a talent for comedy and wasn’t afraid of making a little fun of herself, which we can see for example, in the classic trilogy Slunce, seno…

Part of her life was tied to the towns of Kutná Hora, where she graduated middle school, and Hradec Králové, where she went to the conservatory.

She acted until her last moments, in fact, her last movie was finished the year she died. She received several movie awards as well as state awards.

Věra Ferbasová

Legendary Czech Actresses ferbasová

Her doll-like appearance helped make Věra Ferbasová’s fame. She acted in the Theatre of Vlasta Burian and with such future stars like Herbert Lom.

Although she studied in Pilsen, she later moved to Prague, where she spent the rest of her life. She was acted in movies and TV, we know her for example, from the fairy-tale Dařbuján a Pandrhola.


Hana Vítová

Legendary Czech Actresses vítová

Her real name was Jana Lašková and she was not just an actress but also a singer. She stood out for her melancholic looks and superior intelligence and singing talent which she got from her father, an opera singer.

She followed her love and future first husband to Olomouc and later back to Prague. She got the roles that really made her career, during the war and later in life she directed a cabaret and translated books from Russian, German and English.

Luba Skořepová


Even though her first name was Libuše, everyone knew her as Luba. She came from Náchod but established herself as a long-term staff at the National Theatre in Prague where she portrayed around 140 characters.

You could see her in movies such as Cesta z města, Příliš hlučná samota or the fairy-tale Nesmrtelná teta.


Jana Andresíková


Jana Andresíková left her beautiful hometown of Kroměříž to study in Brno and later to pursue acting career in Prague.

She usually appeared in supporting roles and probably due to her looks, she was cast as a German woman several times. Her amazing voice landed her many dubbing jobs, like that of Whoopi Goldberg in the movie Sister Act.

One of her most famous role was the witch in the fairy-tale series Arabela.

Jana Drbohlavová

Legendary Czech Actresses drbohlavová

The Prague-born Jana Drbohlavová was active in theatre as well as movies. In theatre, she appeared mostly in classical works by Willian Shakespeare or Lope de Vega.

One of her famous movie roles is the teacher on the fairy tale Dívka na koštěti.


Jana Šulcová


Jana Šulcová spent her whole life in Prague’s theatres and made her mark also in the world of TV. She appeared in The Cremator, Cirkus Humberto, Nejmladší z rodu Hamrů and of course, the iconic family movie S tebou mě baví svět which was voted the most popular Czech movie.



Věra Galatíková


Věra Galatíková was born in Zlín and before she went on to study JAMU, she taught in the beautiful south-Moravian town of Vracov. She performed in the National Theatre in Prague until her passing and she made her mark also in the world of movie dubbing.

She appeared, among others, in the movies Kytice, Skřivánci na niti and in the series Četnické humoresky.


Jiřina Štěpničková


This movie actress was born and spent her whole life in Prague. She was the mother of a Czech actor Jiří Štěpnička.

Štěpničková was a victim of one of one of the busts of secret police and was sentenced to 15 years in prison from which she served 10 after which she resumed acting.

She received the Meritory award for artists and her most famous role was Maryša.

Zita Kabátová

Zita Kabátová was a Prague native. Her mother was an amateur theatre actress and young Zita followed in her footsteps and even turned professional in 1935.

Her star rose in the 1940s but a ban for acting under a German name during the occupation put a stop to her acting until 1946. She resumed acting in the 1950s and overall in her career, she portrayed dozens of movie characters.

She helped promote the Prague zoo.

Jiřina Steimarová

Legendary Czech Actresses steimarováSteimarová was a member of a family of actors, her father and grandfather were actors, her daughter is the actress Evelyna Steimarová and her granddaughter, also an actress, Anna Polívková.

Jiřina Steimarová came from Prague, where she performed in the National Theatre. She also portrayed many movie characters from 1932 until 1989 and she holds the Title of Merit awarded to Czech artists.

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