pěry dumplings poppyseed
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Pěry – dumplings with plum marmelade and poppyseed

Here is a traditional recipe for pěry – delicious dumplings with plum marmelade povidla and ground poppyseed like from a Czech babička.

pěry dumplings poppyseedPěry are a real comfort food. They are fluffy, sweet and they smell great. They give you this warm feeling and might easily become your guilty pleasure.

What are pěry?

Pěry are yeast dumplings filled with povidla and coated in ground poppyseed and powder sugar. The name povidla is sometimes translated as “plum marmelade”, however, it isn’t quite correct. Povidla don’t contain any gelling agent and no or only very little sugar. They are made by cooking or baking very ripe plums very slowly until they become a kind of a dense mash.

How to make pěry

You can find the complete and detailed recipe for this delicacy here, the credit for the recipe goes to the Creative Mom.

Basically, you prepare the dough which needs time to rise. You really mustn’t substitute the active yeast for anything else because the sweet smell of yeast is one of the typical elements of this dish. Then you fill pieces of the dough, close them up and boil them. After they’re done you coat them in ground poppyseed and sugar.

pěry dumplings poppyseed

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