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14 Interesting Facts about Czech Republic

Czech Republic has been attracting people from all over the world – tourists, students and professionals. And for many reasons. You probably know some basic information but did you know these interesting facts about the Czech Republic?

And in case you don’t know anything about Czechia, we suggest you start with the Czech Republic FAQ before reading about more Czech facts.

1. Beer consumption is really high and beer really cheap

There are many beer breweries in the Czech Republic and until recently it was common to pay less for half a liter of beer than for the same amount of water in a restaurant. This all probably contributed to the fact that the Czech Republic ranks as world’s nr. 1 in beer consumption (oscillating between 150 and 190 liters per capita a year).

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2. Czech Republic produces top quality wine as well

The region of South Moravia is a wine region known for excellent wine, especially the white wines. There’s a whole branch of tourism focused on viniculture.

3. It’s a very safe country

Based on the GPI for 2019, Czechia is the 10th most peaceful country in the world and 6th in Europe.

4. Johan Gregor Mendel was Czech

The father of genetics was born in the Czech Republic and he was part Czech and part German. He spent his life mostly in Brno.

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5. Czech Republic is the country with the highest castle density in the world

You could say that there’s a castle on (almost) every corner. There are literally thousands of them and so we’ve made a list of TOP 25 Castles to Visit in Bohemia and TOP 15 Castles to Visit in Moravia and Silesia.

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6. And the largest ancient castle of the world is here!

Yes, it’s true. The Prague castle is 570 m long and 128 m wide.

7. As is one of the oldest astronomical clocks in the world

Prague’s Old Town astronomical clock or orloj is the third oldest in the world. Be there any day at noon to see the show of apostles!

8. It’s also full of churches

It seems like a paradox that one of the most atheist countries should be filled with churches but the explanation is quite simple. The terrors of German occupation during WWII and the posterior 40-year-long communist era were responsible for the decline of the religiousness (both regimes tried to eradicate any other faith than the one in the party).

9. The word “robot” is Czech

The word robot is 100% Czech, so congratulations, you can say at least one word in Czech! We have a whole article about the origins and the author of this word.

10. Czech Republic is home to the oldest university in Central Europe

And it’s the Charles University founded in 1348 by Charles IV., the First King of Bohemia and the Holy Roman Emperor.

11. The country often appears in Hollywood movies

Although you might not notice it, Hollywood filmmakers often choose the Czech Republic for it’s architecture as well as nature. Here are some of the shooting spots.

12. Many world-known celebrities are of Czech heritage

Although a small country, the Czech Republic has produced an impressive number of world-famous actors, sportsmen, models and even politicians. You can find some of them in out lists 16 celebrities who are Czech or of Czech origin and 16 more celebrities who are Czech or of Czech origin.

13. A living king was raised here

Norodom Sihamoni, the currect king of Cambodia, spent all his study life in Prague. He started attending the elementary school in the Czech Republic and stayed until the end of his university studies at The Academy of Performing Arts. You can listen to him speaking Czech here.

14. Czechs understand the Slovaks perfectly

And vice versa. It is due to the fact that the Czechs and Slovaks lived in one country until it’s split in 1993.

How did you like these 14 facts about the Czech Republic? Are there any other interesting things that you think we should add?

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