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Silly Walk Brno

Traditional silly walk in Brno on the International Silly Walk Day.

Monty Python is very popular in the Czech Republic. It was Monty Python’s Michael Palin who actually compared the Czech humor to the English one. And the city of Brno has been hosting one of the silly walks in the country since 10 years ago. We bring you some photos and a video from the International Silly Walk Day 2023 in Brno.

The representatives of the Ministry of Silly Walk and their followers gathered at the Statue of Justice (known by the locals as “A Distrainer Taking Away the Washing Machine”) to talk about the pressing issues like lack of funds and the thread of people starting to walk normally. They assured the public of their effort to convince the government to assign the Ministry funds for hip replacements and other necessities. After the speech the procession of approximately 300 people silly-walked through the historical center of the city.


silly walk brno silly walk brno silly walk brno silly walk brno

Silly Walk Brno 2024

The article about the Silly Walk Day in Brno 2024 is right here.

By the way, did you know that Brno is quite a naughty city? And that is has been voted the most stylish Czech city in 2021?

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