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How to say…in Czech

How do you greet in Czech, how do you congratulate, ask for help and how to say those things that make all the difference when said in the language of the locals. Here are a few phrases that can make your stay in the Czech Republic easier.

Czech is a very difficult language to learn. The locals know it and they don’t expect the tourists to speak it. However, if you say a few words in this tongue-twister-like Central-European language, the people will appreciate it a lot and probably tell you how good your Czech is.

Hi / byeAhojhere
How are you?Jak se máš?here
Hello / Good dayDobrý denhere
Good morningDobré ránohere
Good eveningDobrý večerhere
Good nightDobrou nochere
Good byeNashledanouhere
Happy birthdayVšechno nejlepší k narozeninámhere
Merry ChristmasVeselé Vánocehere
Happy EasterVeselé Velikonocehere
Thank youDěkujihere

How did it go? Will you and the Czech language be friends? For more facts explore General & Trivia.





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