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Most Beautiful Views of Nature in Czech Republic

Don’t buy postcards, see the places yourself! Here are the most beautiful views of nature in Czech Republic.

We’ve shown you some Amazing places in Czech Republic to plan your trip and 10 Breathtaking Places in Czech Republic and now it’s time to look at the best places to have a great view!

Beautiful Views in Bohemia

Na Vrchovnici

The green tourist mark from the town Blažim will lead you to what’s probably the most beautiful view on the river Vltava, specifically its water reservoir Slapská přehrada.


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GPS: 49,758648 14,431481

Pančavy Waterfall

The 148 meter long Pančavy Waterfall near Špindlerům Mlýn offers a breathtaking view.

GPS: 50°45′40.32″ N,15°32′45.96″ E


The rock Ořešník rises over the north-Bohemian town Hejnice. You can reach the vantage point walking up the stone stairs carved in the rock.

GPS: 50,858889 15,188333


Baba is a natural monument near the village Purkanec and close to Hluboká nad Vltavou with its Sleeping Beauty castle.

GPS: 49,074739 14,451740

Na Vraném

There are several vantage points to enjoy beautiful views of the meanders of the Vltava river. One of them is the vantage point Na Vraném near the village Solenice, from which you can enjoy views of the so called Solenická podkova from a gazebo some 160 meters above the river.

GPS: 49,627294 14,202195


Vyhlídka Máj is probably the most popular view of a Vltava meander. It’s close to the village Teletín where the river flows through a rocky canyon in a horseshoe-like shape.

GPS: 49,831093 14,455982

Beautiful Views in Moravia and Silesia

Devět Mlýnů

Beautiful views of the meanders of the river Dyje.


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GPS: 48,811003 15,980762

Čertovy Kameny

The rocks called Čertovy Kameny (Devil’s Rocks) can be found near the town of Jeseník. It’s a popular place of amateur as well as professional rock climbers.

GPS: 50,245456 17,236406

Mařenčino loubí

Just 10 minutes walk from the amazing Pernštejn castle is the vantage point Maria laube or Mařenčino loubí.

GPS: 49,451865 16,308799

Hraběcí stolek

In the forest on the top of the rock rising above the river Svratka near the town Vír is a not very touristic vantage point that offers an incredible view of the river meander.

GPS: 49,549726 16,344970

Almond Orchard Hustopeče

The lookout tower in the Moravian town Hustopeče attracts thousands of tourists every spring. Reason? The blooming almond orchard.

GPS: 48,955256 16,744022









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