potato dumpling
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Bramborový knedlík – potato dumpling

Potato dumpling or bramborový knedlík is the last from the dumpling trio we present to you. Be sure to check out our recipe for the bread dumpling and the Carlsbad dumpling.

potato dumpling

This dumpling (or dumplings because they are often made in many small pieces instead of one large loaf) complement greatly meals like roasted duck with cabbage or spinach. Bramborový knedlík is also made in form of small dumplings stuffed with smoked mead or spinach and the same dough is used for preparing sweet meals as well.

In this recipe, however, we focus on the loaf of potato dumpling that is sliced and served as side dish with roasted meat with cabbage and spinach.

Supplies (for 2-3 loafs):

  • 900 g of potatos
  • 200 g of flour – in Czech Republic typically large grain flour called hrubá mouka
  • 100 g of semolina
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 tsp of salt

If you can’t get the right flour or even semolina, use the most coarse flour you can get your hand on. Generally, the potato-flour ratio should be 3:2, however, if you use a different type of flour, you might have to adjust the ratio.

How to make the potato dumpling (bramborový knedlík)

Boil the potatos in peel until they are good to eat. It takes between 40 and 60 minutes but try pinching them with a fork before you switch off the stove. Let them cool down and peel them.

Mash or grate the peeled potatos manually, don’t use a blender or you will get a glue-like mass and you don’t want that! If you grate the potatos, your dough will be smoother. If you mash them, the final dumpling will have lumps which some people prefer, so both ways are ok!

Add the semolina, flour, salt and eggs. Mix everything well, it’s best to do this with your hands.

Boil water in a large pot. Roll out the dough into loafs and put them in boiling water and boil them for 20 minutes (they will float). Slice before serving.

potato dumpling

Important! You have to boil the dough immediatelly after you mix the ingredients or it will start getting bland. Then you’ll have to add more flour and the dumpling will loose its potato taste. It doesn’t help leaving the dough in the fridge, so if you can’t boil the dumplings rightaway, don’t mix the ingredients. Also, you can freeze the dumplings for later but they need to be boiled first.

We hope you enjoyed this recipe and check out more of them right here!

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