kynutý knedlík
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Kynutý houskový knedlík – bread dumpling

Kynutý houskový knedlík or bread yeast dumpling is a part of Czech culinary heritage. Here is our favorite recipe for this delicacy made with few simple ingredients.

kynutý knedlíkDumplings are a Czech classic and a typical side-dish especially for sauces. They are also an inseparable part of meals like goose or duck with cabbage.

Kynutý houskový hnedlík (bread yeast dumpling) or also just kynutý knedlík (yeast dumpling) is the easiest dumpling, you can make tons of it easily. All you need are a few ingredients you probably already have at home and some time.

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Supplies (for 2 loafs):

  • 250 ml of milk
  • 1 egg
  • 500 g of flour
  • 10 g of salt
  • 10 g of active yeast
  • 1/2 tsp of sugar
  • 2 rohlíky – small Czech bread, can be substituted with 80 g of any white bread

The flour used in the Czech Republic for this recipe would be polohrubá mouka – a type of semi-coarse white flour of slightly larger grain. However, you can make delicious bread dumplings also with all-purpose flour.

kynutý knedlík

How to make the dumpling (houskový knedlík)

Heat the milk slightly, just to make it a little warm. Crumple the yeast in the milk, add sugar and stir a little. Cover it with a clean kitchen towel and let it rest in a warm place for 10 minutes.

bread dumpling

Dice the white bread. Mix flour, salt and eggs in a large bowl and add the yeast mixture. Mix the bread dices in well. Sprinkle with flour, cover the bowl and let it rest until it doubles in volume

Divide the dough in two equal parts, roll them out and let them rise a little on the desk.

Boil or Steam

You can boil or steam your dumplings, it depends only on your preference. Boiled dumplings tend to be a little “slimy” on the surface and it’s the better option if you prefer them more dense rather than well-raised and fluffy. Steamed dumplings raise better and their surface is more dry.

To boil a dumpling, first boil water in a large pot.

Place the rolled out dumplings in the boiling water, boil them for 10 minutes, then turn them around (they will be floating) and boil another 10 minutes.

bread dumpling

Take the knedlík out of the water and slice before serving.

To steam a dumpling, you’ll need a steaming pot or a steamer or pařáček in Czech which is a very useful kitchen gadget that you can fold and unfold and it doesn’t take up too much space in the drawer.

Pařáček in a pot – it adjusts to the size of the pot

Pour some water on the bottom of the pot, place the steamer in the water and put the dumpling in it, the water shouldn’t touch the dumpling. Switch on the stove until the water simmers and cover the pot with a lid. Steam the dumpling for 30 minutes, then take out.

kynutý knedlík

You can slice the dumpling hot or cold.

Did you like this recipe? Let us know which is your favorite kind of dumplings!

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