New Christmas song with the voice of the late Karel Gott

The Czech band Kryštof released a Christmas song with the voice of the Czech legendary singer Karel Gott who passed last year. And it will make your heart soft just like a Christmas song should.

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According to Gott’s wishes, the song was released one year ofter his death (October 1, 2018). The then already ill singer recorded one of his last songs knowing he didn’t have much time left and he wanted to leave his fans with a Christmas gift they would receive one year after he passed on.

The legend of several decades of Czech pop-music sings the song together with Richard Krajčo, the leader of the band. Several Czech movie stars appear in the video clip to the song and although the Mistr himself does not, there’s an important reference to him. One of the actors puts a record of Gott’s successfull album Vánoce ve zlaté Praze (Christmas in Golden Prague) in the player. And it was this album that made Karel Gott one of the symbols of Christmas in Prague.

This might not be the Gott’s best song ever but the plan behind it is genious and it will quite surely become a song played during every Christmas season from now on.

It was also Krajčo who wrote a song for Gott and his daughter Charlotte Ella very shortly before the singers death. The song Srdce nehasnou (The Hearts Don’t Go Out) became a hit instantly.

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