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Museums in Prague

Are you a museum enthusiast? Prague is the place to go because besides the usual ones there are some museums in Prague that will definitely surprise you!

You might have read our article Top 14 Museums in Czech Republic, this time we’re going to focus just on the Prague museum scene. It’s hard to day which ones are the best museums in Prague, so I’ve made a list and you can decide for yourself.

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For History aficionados…

National Museum

The National Museum in Prague offers extensive history expositions in the part dedicated to history.

Museum of Prague

The Museum of Prague is dedicated to the history of the Czech capital.

Interactive Museum Trilopark

Workshops of this interactive museum allow kids and adults to learn about the history of our planet.

museums in prague

Museum of Communism

How was life in Czechoslovakia during the era of communism? How did the censorship work, how was daily life of the people and every student’s school life with so many repressions in force, when even toilet paper or good health care were scarce? How was is to have a family member taken away and executed for expressing an opinion? This unique exposition in Prague offers its visitors a glimpse on several aspect of those hard times.

museums in prague

Jewish Museum in Prague

The museum holds one of the most extensive expositions in the world – 40.000 items and 100.000 books.

Charles Bridge Museum

Charles Bridge in Prague has been a witness to hundreds of years of wars, coronations, celebrations and everyday life.

Chlupáč Museum of the History of Earth

Charles university museum with an important fossil collection including an 8 meter dinosaur skeleton.

Natural Science Museums in Prague

National Museum

The Museum of Natural Science is a part of the National Museum and it offers expositions on the topic of Evolutions, Minerals, Nature of Prague, and its permanent expositions include the Paleontology collection, Entomology collection, Anthropology collection, Herbarium and more.

Hrdlička Museum of Man

This anthropology museum belongs to the Faculty of Natural Science of Charles University

Museum of Human and Comparative Anatomy

Museum of the Faculty of Medicine of Charles University

Music, anyone?

Jaroslav Ježek Memorial

Dedicated to the Czech musical genius of the 20th century.

Bedřich Smetana Museum

Dedicated to Bedřich Smetana, the author of Vltava (The Moldau) from the cycle of symphonic poems called Má vlast (My country).

Antonín Dvořák Museum

Dedicated to Antonín Dvořák, the most internationally played Czech composer.

Czech Museum of Music

As a part of the National Museum, the Czech Museum of Music offers more than 700.000 exhibition items including music instruments. Part of the exhibition is interactive.


Museum and archive of popular music.

Cars, trains and other machines

National Technical Museum

The permanent exhibitions include topics like Railroads, Mining, Cameras, Measuring time or Chemistry. There are also temporary exhibitions and virtual tours.

Aviation Museum Kbely

Exhibitions focused on Czechoslovak and Czech aviation.

City Transport Museum

The tram depot in Prague-Střešovice is the home of exposition of historical vehicles of the public transport in Prague.

museums in prague

Railway Kingdom

460 m2 of railway miniatures in Prague-Smíchov.

Trabant Museum

A museum dedicated to the most popular East-German personal vehicle.

Army and Police

Czech-Slovak Legion Museum

Expositions on uniforms, weapons, legion art and more.

Museum of Police

Enjoy the adventures of criminality and learn about the history of police troops in the Czech Republic.

Army Museum Žižkov

Army museum of the Military History Institute of Prague.

Museum of Firefighting

The first museum dedicated to firefighting can be found on V úvoze 10 in Prague – Velká Chuchle.

All about Movies

Karel Zeman Movie Museum

This museum focuses on movies and fantasy and even offers boat trips.

Interactive Movie Museum NaFilm

Another movie museum, this time interactive!

Film Legends Museum Prague

Private collection of pop-culture exhibits.

Art Museums Prague

Illusion Art Museum prague

Czech Republic’s first museum dedicated to illusion and trick art.

Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague

This modern art museum in Prague offers permanent and temporary expositions on art and design.

Museum Kampa

Museum Kampa is a contemporary art museum in Prague that specializes in modern art of the 20th century.

Salvador Dalí Museum

Discover the life and art of the enigmatic Spanish artist.

Mucha Museum

Life and work of the author of the Slav Epic.

museums in prague

Find more galleries in Prague in Art Galleries in Prague.

Mysterious and Scary

Museum of Alchemists and Magicians of Old Prague

Alchemy, magic and mystery, that’s the theme of this museum.

museums in prague

Prague Ghosts and Legends of Old Prague Museum

Prepare to be scared!

Museum of Torture

It’s exactly what the name says – museum of torture tools and torture law application.

museums in prague

Looking for something different?

National Museum

The National Museum offers many different temporary exhibitions and it’s worth checking the museum webpage for updates. Just to mention some of the exhibitions – Czech marionettes, Folkloric exposition for sight-impaired, Fashion style of First Ladies, Emil Holub exhibition.

Museum of Fantastic Illusions

Enjoy more than 150 interactive exhibits in the museum of illusions in Prague.

Retro Museum Prague

Take a peak into the life of Czechs mainly before the Velvet Revolution.

Lego Museum Prague

Did you know that the Lego Museum in Prague features the most exhibits in the world? The exhibition is divided into theme parts (Harry Potter, pirates, magic world and much more) and offers more than 2500 models. Open every day of the week!

National Museum of Agriculture

If gamekeeping, tractors, fishing or landscaping is your thing, visit the National Museum of Agriculture!

Sex Machines Museum

This is something for the adults only! The Sex Machine Museum shows 350 sex toys and machines from all over the world and you can watch erotic movies from the beginning of the 20th century in the old theatre. How about taking a little naughty detour on your sightseeing in Prague?

Museum of Chocolate

Chocolate museum for all people with a sweet tooth!

Pedal Planet 

This museum is full of cute little pedal cars!

museums in prague

Madame Tussaud Wax Museum

Meet your favorite celebrities in person! In wax person, that is.

Toy Museum Prague

400 hundred years of evolution of toys in the Prague Castle!

museums in prague

Kafka Museum

Museum dedicated to one of the most famous people ever born in Prague.

museums in prague

Museum of Senses Prague

Awaken your senses and allow your mind to be blown in the museum of the senses in Prague!

Museum of Waterworks Prague

Learn about the chemical treatment of water and visit the water tower.

Gas Industry Museum

The headquarters of the Pražská planárenská company in Prague-Michle is home to the exposition of the Czech gas industry.

museums in prague

Museum of Miniatures

Discover a world so small that it’s invisible to the naked eye.

museums in prague

Charm of Old Times

This museum is all about the fashion of the time period 1850 – 1930.

museums in prague

Prague museum of Meissen porcelain

Not far from Wenceslas square you can admire an exposition of 3.000 pieces of the Meissen porcelain.

museums in prague

Czech Beer Museum

Learn about the history of Czech beer brewing in this museum in Prague’s Old Town. Or from our article Czech Beer – History and Interesting Facts

museums in prague

The National Pedagogical Museum and Library of J. A. Comenius

Permanent and temporary exhibitions dedicated to the legacy of Jan Ámos Komenský, the father of pedagogy.

Czech Garnet Museum

Exhibition of the famous Czech gemstone.

museums in prague

Absintherie – Museum of Absinth

Well, an Absinth museum!

museums in prague

Coffee Museum

Museum of history of coffee making – beverages, machines, procedures.

Technical and Documentary Museum of Prague Energy

Generation, transmission and distribution of electricity since the 20th century.

museums in prague

Stomatology Museum 

Museum of the Charles university dedicated to the medical discipline of stomatology.

museums in prague

Postal Museum

Stamps from all over the world and other philatelic gems, that’s what you can see in the postal museum of Prague.

Museum of Historical Chamber Pots and Toilettes

How did kings go number 1 and 2? And princesses? And common folks? You can find answers to all these burning questions in this peculiar museum.

museums in prague



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