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Art Galleries in Prague

Prague is full of galleries of all imaginable art directions. Let’s look at the art galleries in Prague to quench every artist’s thirst.

In Museums in Prague we introduced some of Prague’s art museums. This time, let’s look a little closer at some of the the art galleries in Prague.

Traditional Art

National Gallery Prague

The National Gallery Prague holds the largest art collection in the Czech Republic. The permanent expositions can be found in various locations and they include Czech and Middle-European art from the Middle Ages, 16th – 18th century art collection, 17th – 18th century art collection, 20th – 21st century art collection, Asian and ancient Mediterranean art collection.

galleries in prague

Picture Gallery of Prague Castle

The exposition in Prague Castle is the famous painting collection of Rudolph II. (Tiziano, Rubens…)

Galerie Lapidárium

In the very heart of Prague’s Old Town, you can find this collection of authentic Baroque statues and wall painting.

Gallery of Česká spořitelna

This insurance company organizes temporary expositions and also holds a permanent collection.

Contemporary and Modern Art Galleries Prague

Galerie Rudolfinum

The Rudolfinum building often hosts expositions of mainly modern art

Galerie Tančící dům

The gallery in Prague’s Dancing House holds modern art expositions.

Miro Gallery

Modern art expositions in the St. Roch Church at Strahovské nádvoří.

Prague City Gallery

The Gallery of the city of Prague specialized in modern and contemporary art.

Kooperativa Gallery

You can find some very valuable works on the third floor of the building of the Kooperativa insurance company.

galleries in prague

Kuzelbauch Gallery

Mainly glasswork by new as well as well-established contemporary artists

galleries in prague

Galerie Vyšehrad

Expositions of works by young artists

Trafačka – Trafo Gallery

Modern art in industrial spaces

galleries in prague

Galerie Kodl

Exposition and sale of 19th and 20th century artwork

Pragovka Art District

Contemporary art, including graffiti


Leica Gallery Prague

Photography expositions on different topics

galleries in prague

House of Photography

The House of Photography is a part of the Prague City Gallery.

Josef Sudek Gallery

Gallery of work by the Czech photographer Josef Sudek

Digital and Robotic Art

Interactive Exhibition of Digital Art Lumia

Explore the audiovisual and digital art in this unique gallery.

galleries in prague

Galaxie barev – robotic and pendulum art

Robotic show, pendulum and caleidoscope art, that what you can enjoy on the 1225 m2 area in the Westfield Chodov shopping centre.

galleries in prague

Other Art

Gallery of Steel Figures

Here you can see the unique exposition of handmade steel figures, movie and series characters, animals and other.

galleries in prague

Reon Argondian – Magic Cave

This ivy-covered three-story building not far from the Petřín hill hides a special treasure – a “cave” completely covered in fantasy paintings.

galleries in prague

KusKovu Gallery

As the Czech name suggests, this gallery holds expositions of jewelry, sculptures and other objects of art made from metal.

galleries in prague

Cesty ke světlu

Zdeněk Hajný gallery offers a combination of stained glass, gem and combination of natural and artificial light.

Vrtbovská Garden

Gardening students expositions, painting and sculpture expositions

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