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What is Czech Republic famous for?

Here is a list of things Czech Republic is famous for. Some of them you might know, other might surprise you.

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Czech Republic is definitelly famous for its beer. It’s no secret that Czech Republic produces not only lots of brands of delicious beer but also people who drink it. It is the country with the highest beer consumption of beer per capita. The average yearly consumption is around 150 liters. Beer is usually served in 0,5l glases, although you can also ask for malé pivo (small beer) which is 0,3l.

As mentioned, there are many beer breweries and brands in the country. It’s always worth trying the local beer if you get the oportunity, it might be something you can’t taste anywhere else.

Czechs have a popular saying “Jdu na jedno” which means “I’m going for one (beer)”, although that’s hardly ever true since noone drinks just one:-)


hlubokaCzech Republic is the country with the highest castle density in the world. There are castles and fortresses from the Middle Ages as well as much younger palaces and châteaus.

Read our post about the Castles and Châteaus of Czech Repulic where you’ll find lists of the TOP ones worth visiting.


czech republic famousCzech Republic is a very safe country, it usually ranks as number 10 or around in the whole world. Sure there are areas with different criminality rate but generally it’s safe to walk alone on a street at night or let your kids play outside. You can read more about it in our FAQ.


czech ice-hockeyIce-hockey is the national sport of the Czech Republic. It’s so popular that even people who aren’t fond of sports at all paint their faces white-blue-red and sit excited in front of the screen when the national team plays in the finals of the World Cup or the Olympics. Speaking of the latter, if you watch the Olympics, you might have seen the Czech Republic-Russia match in Nagano in 1998 when the Czech team beat the Russian one and won the Olympics. Some of the Czech ice-hockey players made their name also abroad, the most famous one probably being Jaromír Jágr.

The word “Robot”

czech robotWe are pretty sure you know the word “robot”. What you might not know is that the word is Czech. The inventor of this word was Josef Čapek and it was first used by his brother Karel Čapek, one of the greatest Czech writers. He used it in his science-fiction play R.U.R. (Rossum’s Universal Robots).

And so if you say “robot”, you’re actually speaking Czech! If you want to know how to pronounce the word correctly in Czech, listen here.


Škoda cars are the most common brand of cars in the Czech Republic. Although it now belongs to the Volkswagen group this automotive brand is originally Czech and was founded in mid 19th century.

Other Products

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For being a small country, Czech Republic gave the world quite a few internationally-knows famous people – actors, musicians, politicians, sportspeople and models. Some of them are 100% Czech, others are of Czech descent.

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