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Asteroid hits Czech Republic in NASA simulation

At the end of April NASA performed a 4-day exercise to rehearse a reaction to a hypothetical asteroid hit. Guess the place of the strongest impact of the asteroid – Czech Republic.

czech asteroid
Source: NASA

The assignment of the simulation which started on the 26th of April 2021 said that scientists on Hawai’i discoveder a large asteroid on potential collision course with Earth. The key workers received specifications on each day and had to adapt to them and work together throughout the exercise.

Source: CNEOS

On the second day it was already evident that the asteroid would hit Europe or North Africa. Third day was the hypothetical bad news for all residents of Czech Republic. The area was later narrowed down to Šumava (Bohemian Forest) and a day later pinpointed to Český Krumlov. Yes, the area of the beautiful South Bohemian UNESCO Heritage site would perish by the 140 meter long object falling from the sky.

Read a more detailed report of the exercise which ended with Czech Republic destroyed by an asteroid on NASA webpage.

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