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Patenty (also bramborové placky s makem a povidly) are one of a long series of Czech desserts made from potatoes. The combination of their texture with the povidla and poppy seed filling is what makes them irresistible.


Have you tried Šišky s mákem or Povidlové taštičky? If you have, and you liked them, chances are good that you’ll love Patenty. They might look like palačinky (Crepes) but that’s where the similarity ends. Patenty are a real soul food that will fill you with calories and happiness. Rustic, heavy and with that piquant taste of povidla mixed with sweet poppy seed.


The base of Patenty is the potato pancake called Lokše which, when made plain, is served as a side dish. Patenty are still made in Czech households, especially in the countryside but you can also sometimes find them in bakeries. And they are often found in the stalls at Czech folkloric events.

patenty patenty



  • 600 g/21 oz of potatoes boiled in peel
  • 200 g/7 oz of plain flour
  • pinch of salt


  • lard
  • ground poppy seed
  • powder sugar
  • povidla

Did you know you can make your own povidla? The recipe is here.

Patenty – Recipe

First, mix the ground poppy seed and powder sugar to have it at hand and set aside.

Peel the potatoes and grate them finely.

Add flour and a pinch of salt and incorporate everything well. I don’t mind little chunks of potato but if you do, make sure you grate every last bit of the potatoes.

Take a handful of the dough and roll out a pancake.


Heat up your pan and fry on both sides.

Grease with lard on one side.


Smear with povidla and sprinkle with generous amount of the poppy seed mixture.


And roll.


Do the same with all patenty, you can also sprinkle some poppy seed with sugar on top to serve them.


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