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Litomyšl – a town you will not want to leave

When you find the border between Bohemia and Moravia on a map and look closely in its northern half, you will find Litomyšl. This town is the pearl of the Svitavy District in the Pardubice Region. Not only it is the birthplace of Bedřich Smetana, one of the most significant composers of all times, but also a beautifully kept municipality which hosts important music events including Smetanova Litomyšl (Smetana’s Litomyšl).

This charming town with just over 10.000 inhabitants has a lot to offer. The music is always present and the locals are proud of their cultural heritage. All the main sights and the center can be easily reached on foot and you will do right to sit down in one of the few but cozy cafés and let the noble atmosphere of this place work its charm.

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Litomyšl Castle

Aerial view of Litomyšl's Castle
Litomyšl Castle

The Renaissance castle is the dominant feature of Litomyšl and was declared a UNESCO Site in 1999. Although the courtyard and the French-style garden are the first places the tourists go to, we recommend especially the garden behind the castle. It’s a beautiful piece of nature right in the center with a vibe of wilderness and several great corners for the children to play. Especially in summer the kids will appreciate the rivulet in the very back of the garden while the whole family can sit down for a picnic in the shadows of the trees. If you look closely at the wall surrounding the garden you will notice an old lion statue. It is believed to grant a wish to those who whisper it in the lion’s ear.

Inside the castle's courtyard
Castle Courtyard

The castle complex has several parts, the most important of them being the beer brewery and Bedřich Smetana’s flat.

Recreational area around the castle
Walk around the castle to find a recreational area with a café…
Beautiful kid enjoying outside activities
…and activities for the children to enjoy

The Monastery and its Gardens

Piarist Monastery
Piaristic monastery – view from the staircase in the gardens

The piarist monastery with its church and garden is right across the street from the castle. What used to be a wild bush 20 years ago is now a beautiful park with a café and a place of encounter for many. What is very memorable of this place are the unique statues by Olbram Zoubek.

Fountain with Zoubek's statues
Fountain with Zoubek’s statues in the monastery gardens with view of the Church of Promotion of the Holy Cross

The monastery used to serve as accommodation but nowadays it’s closed to the public. However, you can enjoy a night view from the tower of its Church of Finding of the Holy Cross.

Church of the Finding of the Holy Cross
Church of the Finding of the Holy Cross

Smetana Square

Smetana Square
Smetana Square, Litomyšl

This elongated square consists of many well-preserved historical buildings with arcades on both sides. Although of high historical value, most of the buildings serve a practical purpose. You’ll find here bakeries, butcher’s and even an ironmongery.

Street art at Josef Vachala's street
Walk up from the main square

We encourage you to walk up from the main square because you’ll find lots of interesting details in the side streets. And believe us, there are many. Until you can admire them in person, we share some of them with you:

Monastery at dusk
The monastery at night, view from the gardens
Smetana Square
Smetana Square
Walk up from the main square
Walk up from the main square
This staircase connects the Old Town and New Town

Castle Courtyard
Castle Garden


Monastery entrance
Walk from the monastery to the Smetana Square
Walk from the monastery to the Smetana Square
Monastery gardens and the Church of Promotion of the Holy Cross
There are no two same benches in Litomyšl

And where to go with children?

We have already mentioned the castle gardens and the monastery gardens, both are great places for a picnic. And we’ve told you about the playground next to the castle. There’s also a new playground in Vodní Valy, the largest playground of the town:

Where to Stay in Litomyšl

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