what say czech

What Not to Say to a Czech Person

“Different country, different customs” – this applies anywhere you go. Whilst some faux-pas can be just some cute misunderstandings, others can lead to eternal wrath of the indigenous. And to avoid that wrath in the Czech Republic you should definitely read about the things you are NOT to say to a Czech person.

czech flour guide

Czech Flour Guide

There are many types of flour in the Czech Republic and it can be a little overwhelming if you aren’t familiar with the local classification of flour. Czech flour doesn’t have to be a mystery though and we’ve prepared a simple guide that will help you navigate through the flour isles in the Czech grocery …

brno naughty
Moravia Brno

Naughty Brno

We’ve already told you why you should definitely visit Brno, we showed you the must-visits and we showed you the stylish side of this south Moravian city. Let’s see the naughty side of Brno now.

Rare Czech Musical Instruments

If you read our blog regularly, you know that “every Czech is a musician“. The musical literacy in Czech Republic is impressive and it is very common to play at least one musical instruments. And not just piano or guitar, there are some very rare and unusual Czech musical instruments that you’ve probably never heard …