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Czech Republic – Geocaching Superpower

If you’ve succumbed to the charm of geocaching, you’ve come to the right place! Czech Republic is the heaven for all who enjoy chasing after the hidden “treasure boxes”. If you search the area of Czechia for caches on the official Geocaching website, you’ll realize it would be faster to list places without geocaches rather than those with them. Almost every Czech village has its geocache and you can plan a whole trip based only on the cached. There are whole series designed to take you to the most amazing places and even whole routes such as the South-Moravian Wineglass series (here is the first cache of the series) or the Kolem rybníků series that will take you on a nature adventure around the South-Bohemian lakes (here’s the first one).

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You can find them anywhere

You can find caches hidden in the mountains as well as at the edge of the abysses, in castle walls and fake tree branches. Wherever you go, you just need some internet connection and there’s a good probability that there’s a geocache near you.

Czech geocaching achievements

There were almost 60.000 active geocaches is 2018 and the oldest of them called Tex-Czech (GCE50) is still active.

Czechia is actually the world’s number 1 in several aspects of geocaching. Did you know that the most logged cache in the world is in Prague? Well, now you know! It’s called Prague bridges 1 – Karlův most (GC189E5) and it’s just under the Charles Bridge in the center of Prague. And have you ever heard of the wooden geocoins? Sure you have and those are a Czech invention! What started as a few signature items has turned into an Europe-wide fashion with several tens of thousands of designs.

And let’s talk people, for a moment. The player with the most logged caches in Europe calls himself MT-jonea and is from Brno, Czech Republic.

Where to stay in Czech Republic

Here you can search accommodation in Czech Republic:

And finally, we’d like to share with you a video created in 2011 by a Czech geocaching enthusiast mapping the caches in Czechia from 2001 to 2011:


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