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Unusual Beer in Prague – Gose, Lambic, Berliner Weisse…

One of the reasons why the Czech Republic is a popular tourist destination is its beer. There are many brands and the beverage is usually cheap. You might know famous Czech beer brands  and maybe some of the smaller local brands, you might know the most common types like the 11°, 12°, non-filtered but did you know that it’s not so difficult to try even very unique beer types from abroad like Gose, Lambic or Berliner Weisse?

Before we start, let us invite you on the tour of Best Beerhouses in Prague.

In the past few years we’ve experienced a boom of less common beer types in the Czech Republic. What started as a rarity that one could taste only at food festivals pretty quickly made its way into shops and bars. Even though they’re still not as popular as the most common beers, such delicacies as Sour ale, Lambic, Gose or Berliner Weisse are more and more at one’s reach.


Gose is a beer type from Goslar, Germany. It’s a  top-fermenting wheat beer with at least 50% malted wheat content, flavored with coriander and salt. It’s traditionally bottled in round bottles with a long neck because the fermentation of the gose beer continues after the beverage has been bottled. The resulting liquid is salty, without prominent hop bitterness but with notable sourness and herbal aroma. Gose beer is typically brewed using the Kettle Souring method.

Berliner Weisse

Germany is one of the neighboring countries of Czech Republic so its no wonder that there are more than one beer delicacy that crossed the eastern border. This beer is prepared by mixed fermentation which means that several different microorganisms are used for the fermentation. Berliner Weisse is a notably sour beer and for this reason it’s often mixed with fruit juices.


To find the origins of Lambic we have to go just a little bit further, to Belgium. It’s a very unique beer because its fermentation is completely spontaneous using many different microorganisms. The hop used is two to three years old and the resulting beverage has thus almost no bitterness. The brewing process is a very long one and ilthe beer is left to mature often over several years.

Where to try Gose, Berliner Weisse or Lambic in Prague

Here are some of the places to try these less common beer types in Prague.

První Pivní Tramway

Na Chodovci 1A

Praha 4

Kbelský pivovar

Mladoboleslavská 1122

Praha 9

Pivovar Lužiny

Archeologická 1

Praha 5

Pivovar Hostivar H2

Hornoměcholupská 115

Praha 10



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