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Bear Milk – natural remedy

Bear milk is a traditional Czech natural remedy for respiratory diseases, especially cough and sore throat.

You’ve been told that milk is good for you and you’ve been told that honey is good for you but did you know that their combination can help you get rid of cough, soothe your sore throat and help you sleep?

bear milk

What is Bear Milk

Bear Milk is a drink of Czech origin that consists basically of warm milk, honey and Czech brown rum called Tuzemák (previously Tuzemský rum) and a mixture of your favorite spices, if you want. Some doctors, however, recommend to drink this combination only for warming up and if you need to cure your throat, to skip the alcohol. Needles to say, only the alcohol-free version is appropriate for children.

History of Bear Milk

The first Bear Milk was prepared in the 1950s in the Severka hut in Pec pod Sněžkou by Václav Luczka. One of the regular visitors asked him to prepare some hot milk with honey, sugar and add a panák (20 ml small/50 ml large) of rum. People started asking for this drink and started calling it Medvěd (Bear) or Medvědí mléko (Bear Milk). It’s been on the menu of Severka ever since although they keep the combination of herbs secret.

Severka used to be attended by celebrities as well as locals, nowadays they’re mostly cross-country skiers.

bear milkDoes it Work?

While you should always consult a professional when it comes to your health, I can tell you that bear milk works for me. It doesn’t cure my cough instantly, however, each glass soothes my throat for a while. I never drink it with alcohol but I add aromatic spices.

My Recipe

Pour 250 ml/8.5 oz of milk in a small saucepan, add 1 stick of cinnamon and 1 tbsp of honey and warm it slowly, don’t boil. You can add also other spices, I like a little turmeric/curcuma or cardamom seeds. Pour it in a glass and sip slowly.

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